The latest major update to Google’s G Suite brings with it a host of useful new features that add compatibility with a wide range of other file types, including Microsoft Office. This recent update is a smart move by Google, making G Suite even more useful for users than it was before through integration with non-Drive files. For users who were previously on the fence about making the move to G Suite, now might be the perfect time to make the switch.

The New Google Drive Update

Google Drive is an innovative cloud storage tool where users can store, access, and share a wide variety of files with users – the platform also allows for real-time collaboration between team members. The new update to Google Drive allows users to directly comment on a wide variety of non-Google file types including PDFs, images, and most important – Microsoft Office files. Previously files like these would have to be converted to Slides, Docs, or Sheets in order to enable commenting, but this new update eliminates this conversion process. The update makes room for a great deal of collaborative opportunities between team members and their clients, increasing the overall versatility of Google Drive and G Suite.

Allows for Seamless Collaboration

This update to Google Drive is seen as a major advantage to businesses using G Suite, as it allows for instant collaboration with clients and outside agencies who are using other file types. Whether it’s a contract or a business agreement, your team members will now be able to seamlessly comment on these file types the way they would on any Docs, Slides, or Sheets file. Drive users can comment with suggested changes, assign tasks to other users, and tag other team members and receive comments and replies from non-G Suite users.

Many offices are locked into agreements and continue to use the Microsoft Office productivity suite. This feature will allow both Google and Microsoft users to collaborate in real time with one another without needing to convert or transfer files, allowing for quicker reviewing and validation of files. This makes the collaborative experience faster and ultimately more productive for all parties. A Google Drive plug-in for Outlook has also been made available to help users insert and save files from Google Drive into Outlook emails.

The Best Time to Make the Switch to G Suite

The expanded collaborative features added to Google Drive makes this the ideal time for businesses who are still using outdated legacy software like Microsoft Office to make the jump to Google’s cloud-based storage and productivity suite. G Suite boasts a great deal of security, storage, and productivity benefits for businesses of all sizes, and now also gives them the advantage of no longer having to take extra steps in order to use and collaborate on external files with clients and other businesses. With the new update, you can still seamlessly use your old files without needing to convert them.

This update marks a great opportunity for businesses who still operate Microsoft Office to make the switch to Google’s cloud-based G Suite for increased storage, security, and productivity potential.

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