If your organization is looking to harness the power of Google’s G Suite, now may be the perfect time. UpCurve Cloud and Google are offering to revolutionize the way your team works collaboratively by replacing your organization’s current Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, or other long-term enterprise solutions such as Office 365, Dropbox, and Slack. The massive potential for cost savings, increased productivity, and added value speaks for itself.

How Does the Promotion Work?

Google is offering to replace workplace Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA) with zero-cost G Suite licences until your current EA - or other contract in place with a competitive product - expires. From the moment you sign up until your EA expires every member of your team will be able to use G Suite for free! Also being offered is special promotional pricing and deployment services. This means that organizations will easily be able to migrate to cloud-based services without the financial risk and burden that can come with the use and deployment of a new productivity suite.

In order to help your organization with costs, UpCurve Cloud will subsidize the cost of migration, deployment and change management.

How Does My Business Qualify?

In order to qualify for this special offer, your organization must have at least 300 employees or user licences, and must have an existing contract in place with a competitive product. Since we know how costly it can be for mid-market business to make such a drastic workplace switch, UpCurve Cloud will work with you as a Google Premier Partner to help your organization cuts costs and maximize workplace productivity.

What are the benefits of switching to G Suite? As a large organization, you’re concerned about security, productivity, and making the right decisions when it comes to technology. Not only are you concerned about having to make these decisions, but you may also be limited financially - making the decision-making process a frustrating one. We hear your concerns and want to help you in making the best decision for your organization.

G Suite allows your team to work from anywhere they want, allowing real-time collaboration between employees on all platforms - Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. Not only can they work from anywhere, but they can do it using the device of their choice - your entire team is connected, comfortable, and ultimately more productive because of it. Communication is made possible through comments, and face-to-face video and text chat using Google Hangouts. For those concerned about security, G Suite allows you to securely share with collaborators, and assign permissions at your discretion. With Google’s advanced and secure digital infrastructure, you can sleep soundly knowing your data is safe.

Aside from being a secure, easy-to-use productivity suite that unifies your workplace, G Suite is also the most cost effective option on the market. By switching over to G Suite, your organization will be saving up to 70% from your previous Enterprise Agreement.

Seven midsize companies were interviewed after their switch from Office 365 to G Suite, and they reported massive cost savings, a surprising ROI - which you can calculate for your organization - and users reported a seamless transition from their previous enterprise software solutions.

What Happens When My Agreement Is Finished?

Once your existing enterprise agreement has expired, your organization will have a few options. Your team will have a seamless transition to G Suite since they will have been using it in place of your previous solution, making the deployment process far easier.

Your organization has the power to seamlessly transition to a revolutionary cloud-based productivity suite thanks to this special offer from UpCurve Cloud and Google. G Suite will save your organization money and time by connecting your team no matter where they work from or what devices they choose to use. Risk nothing and see why companies that switch to G Suite stay with it - and love it.

For more information on how to take advantage of this promotion, contact UpCurve Cloud today.