G Suite Enterprise: Why Your Business Needs It

by Koosha Araghi on January 10, 2019

Cloud-based productivity suites like G Suite are an essential tool for businesses of all sizes, allowing employees to collaborate and communicate from anywhere on any device, securely store workplace data in cloud storage, and integration with other workplace software solutions. Businesses looking to get the most out of their favorite productivity suite should consider G Suite Enterprise edition, which boasts impressive tools and features like data loss prevention, information rights management, and improved security.

A versatile security center that will keep your organization secure

The admin console’s security center, one of the most recent additions to G Suite Enterprise, has quickly become one of its defining features. Enterprise-connected admins have access to the security center (including security dashboard, security health page, and the investigation tool), giving them a much closer look at analytics, real-time security information, and increased control over security issues that pose a threat to your organization’s data.

The security dashboard gives admins access to a wide variety of reports, displaying data from specific timeframes that range from the past week to up to 180 days ago. This includes information related to data exposed through file sharing, authentication and policy standards, encryption, spoofing, failed login attempts, and much more. The security health page provides easy visibility into Admin console settings, allowing admins to easily configure and monitor the status of security settings from one central location. The investigation tool lets admins identify and manage security threats regarding device data, Gmail message, and log data, and Drive log data.

Data Loss Prevention rules that allow you to better control your data

G Suite Enterprise helps organizations protect sensitive organizational data through custom Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules, which can be used to scan files for sensitive content and prevent other G Suite users from sharing them with anybody outside of the organization. These rules can be set from predefined templates and can be fully customized by administrators and assigned to groups and organizational units, giving admins the flexibility they require to control workplace data. Rules can be used to prevent users from sharing emails with banking information, credit card numbers, social insurance numbers and more, giving users warnings that they’re attempting to share sensitive information, or blocking outsiders from viewing it at all.

A variety of enhanced administrative controls

With G Suite Enterprise, users gain access to a variety of administrative controls that improve user inexperience through increased flexibility and enhanced security. Administrative controls include scanning images for text to identify confidential data, analyzing Gmail logs in BigQuery, S/MIME email encryption, and mobile device management that can be automated to identify and block suspicious events. Another administrative control allows Gmail users within your organization to easily integrate their email accounts with third-party email archiving solutions. This is an extremely useful feature that ensures internal compliance with email requirements and gives users easy access to their email archives. 

For more information about how Google G Suite Enterprise can benefit your business and learn how UpCurve Cloud can seamlessly integrate the cloud-based productivity suite in your workplace, contact us today.

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