This summer has seen some of the most significant upgrades to G Suite, putting an increased importance on the safety and security of your workplace data, and helping your team be more productive with machine learning and Google AI. Some of the major additions to G Suite include its security center’s brand new investigation tool, increased data control options, Smart Reply for Hangouts Chat, and grammar suggestions in Google Docs. These promising new features reinforce G Suite’s dedication to the security of your workplace data, and to making work life a little easier for everyone.

Protect your valuable workplace data with new data investigation and control tools

Google rolled out the G Suite security center earlier this year, which gives users access to an all-in-one security dashboard featuring analytics and increased phishing and malware visibility. The upcoming update from G Suite sees a massive addition to the security center, in the form of an all-new investigation tool. This investigation tool allows businesses and IT admins to detect potentially infected users within the business in order to help them better investigate the origins of phishing scams and other data breaches. This tool puts the power into the hands of admins, allowing them to quarantine users by temporarily limiting or removing their access to workplace files and data, and lets them proactively delete malicious emails. To get the tool before everyone else, contact UpCurve to get into the Early Adopter program.

Another advanced security measure rolled out in the big G Suite update comes in the form of new data control options, which have been designed for use by businesses who have advanced data control requirements. This new feature allows organizations to decide where their G Suite data is stored geographically through new data regions, with options for the United States, Europe, and global distribution. Data can be easily moved anytime files are moved or have a change in ownership, meaning that businesses will not have any downtime while their files are being moved.

Improve workplace productivity and communication with Google AI

The coming G Suite updates include a number of Google AI and machine learning implementations that promise to make collaboration and communication easier than ever before. The first major update brings Gmail’s popular Smart Reply into G Suite’s Hangouts Chat. The Smart Reply feature can be used to send custom AI generated messages at the touch of a button, and Google reported that it is currently being used in more than 10% of Gmail replies. The implementation of this feature into Hangouts Chat will see team members be able to communicate much easier through custom generated messages, allowing them to simultaneously talk with each other and focus on the tasks at hand.

Another major addition to the G Suite platform is Smart Compose, which puts AI and machine learning to the test to autocomplete long-form email messages in Gmail, using commonly used phrases, personal information, greetings, and sign-offs to help you send messages more efficiently. Another AI feature now found in G Suite includes a new grammar suggestion feature in Google Docs, which will use machine learning to help recognize and correct grammatical errors. This new grammar suggestion feature can recognize errors including simple and complex grammatical rules, articles, and clauses, with machine learning being able to improve over time and eventually take on highly complex errors in user grammar.

The upcoming G Suite update looks to make G Suite the most secure workplace productivity suite on the market, giving users and admins more control over the safety of their own files and data. The rapid improvement of Google’s AI and machine learning capabilities will also help organizations work more effectively, allowing team members to communicate faster and write workplace documents with more accuracy. This update is another indication of Google’s dedication to the platform and yet another reason why G Suite is the perfect productivity solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Google has said that the update is “coming soon”, which in Google-speak usually means within a few months, with the exception of the Security Center investigation tool. This tool is only available through the Early Adopter program, which you can register with through UpCurve if you are one of our G Suite clients.

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