G Suite: Share Files and Ensure Business Continuity With Team Drive

by Denise Hazime on July 24, 2017


Google recently launched Team Drives, which allows you to share files between team members. Prior to Team Drives, departments which wanted to share specific files would have had to create a Google Drive folder for their department that all shared files were uploaded to, which would have been an unwieldy way to manage files. More importantly, if a user was deactivated that owned the file, the file could become inaccessible. Uploading a file to Team Drive gives all team members equal access to and ownership of the file.  

Team Drive 101

There are now two Drive options with Google Drive. My Drive - which, as per the name, is your individual drive - and Team Drive. Team Drive is a Drive shared between specific members of your organization. If your department had a shared drive before, Team Drive replaces it and makes it easier to share files.

For full instructions on how to setup and use Team Drive, visit Google’s Learning Center page for Team Drive.  

Using Team Drive Effectively

The best practice would be to set up an overall Team Drive that all members have access to, and they should have subfolders under each of their names. This way, if someone leaves the company, there will still be full access to their files.   From there, you can set up subfolders within your Team Drive for specific projects, and only invite people working on the project to have access to the Team Drive for that project. That way, team members can use their named subfolders for notes and individual work that isn’t associated with a project, and all project files are access-limited to people who are working on that specific project. Either way, everyone has access if someone is absent or leaves the company.  

Onboard New Hires Quickly and Find Files Faster

Much of the time wasted in training a new hire comes when they can’t find the tools or training materials they need, or have access to specific files. If you want to set up a Team Drive specifically for new hire training materials before giving them access to your department’s Team Drive, you can do that. Or, you can set up a folder specifically for training materials for your department which all team members can access at any time - a good idea if you want team members to easily be able to go back and check recent training materials without leaving the Team Drive environment. Files are also much easier to find. Quick Access in Google Drive will serve up the files your employees need right when they need one. It’s powered by Google Machine Learning, which enhances many G Suite products with behind-the-scenes automation that makes the experience better and more efficient.  


Please note that you must have G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise to take advantage of Team Drive. If you need to upgrade, contact UpCurve Cloud today. Team Drive isn’t the only reason to upgrade your G Suite experience, but it’s a great reason to look into it today.

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