G Suite Updates: Phishing Protection, Better Meetings, & Machine Learning

by Denise Hazime on May 11, 2017


G Suite just got major upgrades in machine learning - a technical term which means your G Suite apps learn what you like to do and make your life easier - and meeting scheduling. In addition, Google successfully protected many of its users against a widespread phishing attack targeting Google Account.  

Phishing Protection Against a Large-Scale Attack

Google took swift action against a large-scale attack which was designed to grab Google Account credentials with a link to a Google Doc that led to a phishing page where user’s account details were grabbed. It responded by quickly shutting down the offending pages and offering users a link to a page where they could remove apps they didn’t recognize from their Google Accounts.

In the wake of the attack, Google published a blog with a report on what the attack was and how they addressed it - as well as offering security tips for regular Google users and G Suite administrators. If you have a Google Account or are a G Suite administrator, you should review the suggested tips.  

Machine Learning: Making All of Your Google Apps Better

You may have a favorite restaurant that you go to because the waiter knows who you are and what you like. Google has just become the Internet’s equivalent of this with its implementation of machine learning throughout its product offering, including all G Suite apps. We wrote about it a bit in this blog, but Google broke it down further for businesses, including how machine learning makes Gmail 99% effective at catching spam emails and how machine learning makes it easier to find files in Google Drive by knowing what you need before you even type anything.

Machine learning works behind the scenes to make using G Suite a more intuitive experience the more you use it, and your Gmail a time-saver for email instead of a time-waster. UpCurve Cloud can help you ensure you are using machine learning to its fullest potential - contact us to find out more.  

Automate the Scheduling of Meetings

You can now automate meeting scheduling with Find a Time and the @meet bot as long as the meetings are taking place between participants within your organization. Instead of a long email chain asking everyone what their ability is like, use either option to automatically find a good time for everyone, and even schedule a meeting room.

Google Classroom Now Available for Everyone - For Free!

Google Classroom offers a platform to deliver online training seamlessly anywhere in the world. Before now, its use has been restricted to educational institutions, where it has been in use for decades - training the next wave of employees on G Suite in the process. It’s now freely available to anyone for use. So how can a business use it? Internal training for your team, offers of free courses in your field which can help you net sales by building trust in your expertise, and more.

Contact UpCurve Cloud today to get your business on G Suite, and realize all of the business benefits of being on an office software package that is continuously updated and improved.

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