Google recently announced a brand new G Suite tool that will give employers access to more information about how their team members are using the cloud-based productivity platform. Work Insights allows businesses to gain increased visibility over their operations, measure how employees are working together, and better understand how certain G Suite apps and features are being adopted by their various teams and departments. G Suite’s Work Insights app is currently available to Enterprise users in beta, with a full rollout for all G Suite users on the horizon.

The perfect way for businesses to better understand digital transformation

Work Insights presents an opportunity for businesses to better understand how their team members are behaving with regards to the use and adoption of various G Suite apps. It’s important that business owners understand how well their team members are working both together and independently - with Work Insights, this has never been easier. This new tool is particularly useful for small businesses that have recently adopted the G Suite platform, allowing employers to gain better insight into how their employees are collaborating and communicating with one another, how the organization as a whole is taking to the new productivity suite, identify usage patterns, and track the progress of recent deployments and adoptions.

When organizations take on new workplace solutions, they work most effectively when they have been adopted throughout the company, allowing users to work collaboratively and be on the same page at all times. Work Insights can help employers better understand which users and departments have not yet fully adopted certain G Suite apps, allowing them to address the problem head-on with further training or Work Insights can be used in organizations with more than 10 active team members currently using the G Suite platform, offering a range of data about adoption, usage, and collaboration.

Work Insights helps ensure interdepartmental success in any organization

Work Insights gives employers access to insights about commonly used workplace apps like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Hangouts, measuring how many users are actively using each app. Not only can the app be used to measure behavior within the organization as a whole, but G Suite’s new Work Insights tool can also be broken down to better measure and understand how various departments like Sales and Marketing work together within the platform.

Insights into what departments are using specific G Suite apps can help determine which departments are regularly collaborating and communicating with one another within specific files, and which departments have been shy about making contact with other relevant departments. This can help employers identify major opportunities that may come with certain departments collaborating regularly, and address any potential problems that stem from a lack of interdepartmental communication or collaboration.

Take workplace analytics to the next level with Prodoscore

Employers who wish to gain further insights into the productivity and efficiency of their team can combine the power of G Suite’s Work Insights with Prodoscore for maximum effect. Prodoscore is a business intelligence tool that unobtrusively monitors team members in real time as they work within common workplace solutions like customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and productivity platforms like G Suite, giving employers access to unique “productivity scores” for each team member. These scores can then be used by employers to identify opportunities within their team, address bottlenecks that stem from a lack of productivity, help to better identify and assist “at-risk” employees, and to effectively streamline operations to help team members work more effectively.

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