Like countless businesses around the world, there's a good chance that your company was forced to hurriedly cobble together a work from home (WFH) solution in March of 2020. In the months since these major changes were forced upon businesses, little has changed in terms of outlook - until a reliable vaccine can be developed and distributed, many of us are stuck working from home for the foreseeable future. With how hastily businesses had to throw together a makeshift WFH solution back in the spring, flaws and downsides are likely beginning to present themselves and wear on your workforce.

A makeshift work from home solution can cost your workforce time and productivity, creating frustration and stress by making it difficult for colleagues to communicate and collaborate remotely. To create momentum, going into an uncertain future, your remote team needs a reliable solution that enhances collaboration and improves remote productivity. The best way to do this is by using a single vendor to overhaul your work from home solution, ensuring that apps are seamlessly integrated and used to their fullest potential. 

Tools you need to succeed and the importance of integration

While every business's ideal work from home solution will be different to meet the unique needs of its workforce, they generally consist of a few key tools - a cloud office suite, CRM solution, business intelligence tool, telephony, all backed up by a reliable cybersecurity infrastructure that keeps your data safe and secure. Together, these tools allow your workforce to seamlessly collaborate and communicate with each other no matter where they're working from, making it easy to work together on projects, access valuable customer data, launch video and audio conference calls, and so much more.

As you may now be finding out, simply putting together a mishmash of cloud-based solutions isn't good enough for a long term work from home strategy. In order to bring your team to the next level, your tools need to be fully integrated to ensure that data is shared across your entire organization. Your CRM solution should integrate with your email tool, which should be integrated with your telephony solution, and so on.

Every piece of technology in your arsenal should have the ability to integrate, allowing your team members to streamline time-consuming processes and get the most out of their working hours. A unified technology stack turns your hurriedly cobbled together work from home solution into a future proof business continuity plan that will allow your team to work from home for as long as they need to without any decrease in productivity or work quality.

Why Google has the best technology for your cloud solutions

Google recently announced the switch from G Suite to Google Workspace, bringing with it a new and integrated user experience that will allow your employees to collaborate easier and stay connected at all times. Google Workspace is the world's premier office suite, chosen by millions of businesses worldwide because of its ease of use, versatility, ability to empower your workforce through seamless collaboration and instant communication, and Google's world-class cybersecurity and cloud infrastructure. 

If your business is looking to boost productivity and empower your remote workforce by offering a suite of powerful cloud-based tools, it's critical that your tech stack is unified with Google.

Integrating Google Workspace with your tech stack ensures that your remote workers can work faster and smarter than ever before, automating workflows, feeding information to business intelligence tools and CRM solutions, and letting employees work together anywhere, anytime. Unifying your tech stack with Google Workspace means future-proofing your business, guaranteeing that your remote workers can continue seamlessly working from home for as long as they need to, unlocking unlimited possibilities along the way.

How UpCurve can help 

As one of Google's first and largest Partners, we have decades of experience providing cloud-based solutions for in-office and remote work. Our experts will get to know your business and suggest the best tools to upgrade your WFH solution to something much more streamlined and easier to work with than what you have now. 

UpCurve Cloud is one of America's premier providers of intelligent business solutions, including Google Workspace, CRM solutions, business intelligence, telephony, and cybersecurity solutions that will unlock your full WFH potential. We are one of the largest Google Cloud Premier Partners in the United States, with a full team of experienced Google certified deployment engineers, trainers, and consultants who will ensure that your business has everything it needs to succeed remotely and that your transition to the cloud is seamless. For more information about everything UpCurve Cloud can do for you, contact us today.

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