Get Rid of Inbox Noise – Block, Unsubscribe, and Filter With Gmail

by Denise Hazime on October 1, 2015

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If you have Gmail, there is no reason to spend the first part of your work day blowing away emails you aren’t going to read or don’t want. If you can just take a few minutes to set up tabs, labels and filters, your important messages are all you’ll receive in your inbox, and you can deal with the rest with you have time.

Gmail has just added Block and Unsubscribe functionality which allows you to block senders and unsubscribe directly to newsletters with just a few clicks – keeping your inbox pristine and ready for work.

Block Pesky Senders

Google has just made blocking senders very simple with just one click of a button. Click the down button at the top right of the email and you’ll be given an option to block the sender.

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The nice thing about the new block feature is the sender doesn’t get a notification that they’ve been blocked, and the blocked emails end up in your spam folder, where they are automatically deleted after 30 days. In some cases, it may be necessary to keep an archive of disruptive emails that are sent in a business context – if you don’t want to nuke emails, but you don’t want them in your inbox either, you can set up a filter for the unruly sender.

So who would you want to do this to? If you’re doing it in a business context, it goes without saying that you should get management approval before taking this kind of drastic action. Personal nasty emails are the most likely target for blocking. Keep in mind that your company may use Google Vault for all communications, which means that the email may be kept if it was sent to your company email, even if it is deleted and the sender blocked the moment it comes in.

If you choose to unblock a person, you can do so from your Gmail Settings. You’ll see a list of blocked senders in “Filters and Blocked Addresses” when you click on your settings, and you can choose to unblock them from there.  

Unsubscribe from Newsletters

Gmail’s second new feature is extremely useful. Now, instead of clicking on a tiny unsubscribe link and needing to provide a thumbprint and your DNA to unsubscribe from an annoying newsletter, all you need to do is hit that arrow in the top right hand corner of the email and hit “Unsubscribe” from the drop down menu. That’s it. No extensive runarounds or surveys, you’re unsubscribed.

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Filtering Your Gmail

Filters are nothing new, but are worth a mention since there are some situations which call for a filter rather than blocking or unsubscribing. That newsletter may be intrusive when your inbox is flooded with to-dos, but you may want to go back and read it later without having to sort through your “Updates” tab to do so. Likewise, you may want to read a particular sender’s email, but not right away.

To set up a filter, start by opening the email you want to base the filter on. Hit your handy arrow at the top right of the email and you’ll see the option to “Filter messages like these”. Click it, and you’ll be able to enter a bunch of criteria and actions, including creating a folder just for these messages, skipping the inbox, and more.

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