Getting to Inbox Zero

by Denise Hazime on November 27, 2014

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In today's world, many of us understand there's work to be done, not by the amount of papers stacked on our desk but by the amount of emails left to be dealt with in our inbox.

The big question is: how do you get to "Inbox Zero"?

Google Apps has implemented some great features to assist with separating the noise from the priorities of your inbox - which allows you the room to breathe in what can seem like a never ending flurry of "to-do's" constantly arriving in your inbox.

Enter Gmail Tabs

Gmail Tabs

Gmail tabs groups your email into easy-to-use tabs which separate your emails into Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and other categories that you can choose to implement. Google helps you find the most important emails first in your Primary inbox, letting you deal with the priorities of your business in the right order. Whether you use tabs or not, all messages are automatically sorted into one of the different categories.

When using Google Tabs, you might notice that Google "gets it wrong" when determining which category an email should belong to. Simply drag the email in question to the right tab, and Google will remember your choice for all future emails from that email address.

There are many other useful features inside Gmail that assist you with inbox management such as Classic Email Filtering. Check out our post comparing Gmail's Tabbed View vs. Classic Email Filtering.

If you're looking for Inbox Zero to be less of a chore and more of a game, then look no further than The Email Game. Give it a try every Friday afternoon to see if you can get to Inbox Zero. Gamifying your productivity turns tasks that can be "tedious" into an escape from your standard workflow and may actually increase your productivity. What better way to end your Friday than feeling like you won?

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