Google Apps Email Security Update

by Denise Hazime on March 31, 2014

Your flight got delayed by 6 hours but you urgently need to use the airport’s unsecured Wi-Fi connection to reply to confidential emails your customer sent yesterday? Have no fear, HTTPS is here! Google has offered SSL to it’s Google Apps users since 2010 and has now extended this feature to it’s users. “That’s great news!” roars the public, “but what’s HTTPS?” And who cares if users can now send email via SSL? You do. We all do.

Here’s Why HTTPS Matters to You:

HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure - allows you to connect to your Google Apps account using an encrypted connection through your computer. That connection uses the SSL - Secure Sockets Layer - protocol when you log in to your Google Apps account from your web browser. Google supports secured connections using the latest version of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.

Using one of the aforementioned browsers and ensuring that SSL is enabled in your Google Apps admin console decreases the likelihood of your communications being intercepted by a potentially malicious third party. In addition, since users now use HTTPS as well, this ensures that all emails sent and received within Google’s system are encrypted.

The SSL protocol provides an encrypted communication method to share emails, chats, calendars events and other data you feel needs to be protected from unwanted eyes. As a Google Apps admin, you can make sure SSL is enabled for your domain by taking the following steps:

 Enabling HTTPS / SSL

  1. Log in to your admin console at
  2. From the Dashboard, click on the Security icon. Note: If you don’t see this icon you will need to drag it to your Dashboard from the More Controls option at the bottom of the Dashboard page.
  3. Click on Basic Settings.
  4. Check the Enable SSL option.

After completing this your users will no longer have the option to select whether they want to use an encrypted connection or not to check their mail.

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