Experts Agree That Gmail’s Smart Compose Means a Brighter Future for your Inbox

Recent updates to Gmail have seen a complete redesign of the classic inbox, and the introduction of useful workplace features like email snoozing, improved privacy restrictions, and perhaps most importantly, the Smart Compose feature. The feature, which was once exclusive to mobile versions of Gmail, has been ported over to desktop platforms with newly introduced features that make composing workplace emails a breeze. Last month, Popular Science gave Smart Compose its seal of approval, signaling its usefulness to business owners looking to improve productivity and increase efficiency in the workplace.

New possibilities with Smart Compose

Google has overhauled Smart Compose, giving G Suite users access to a bevy of new possibilities. The feature works to help you finish sentences while writing emails, with word and sentence suggestions appearing as you compose emails. These suggestions can be implemented into your emails with a push of the “tab” button, or simply ignored if it doesn’t seem quite right. Smart Compose uses Google AI’s machine learning capabilities to improve its predictions based on your own original sentences, growing over time and being able to better predict the messages you are trying to get across to contacts. Early versions of Smart Compose gave users access to quick replies consisting of only one or two words per answer, but the feature will continue to grow through the power of machine learning.

Why Popular Science considers it to be a major breakthrough for workplaces

While the autofill feature is still in its early stages, Popular Science stated that it was impressed with the versatility of the feature, and was extremely hopeful for the future of Smart Compose. The introduction of AI into our workplace inboxes has the ability to save us valuable time in having to reply to emails - while full length, genuinely written emails are great for the highest priority emails, less important ones can (and should) be almost fully automated in the very near future. This saves time for you and your employees to focus on the things that bring revenue to your organization, shifting the focus from the inbox to more important projects.

How your business can benefit from using this feature

A 2016 study conducted by Adobe found that office workers in the United States spent an average of 4.1 hours in their inbox every day checking, reading, and answering emails. This means that more than 20 hours every week are spent by your team simply reading and responding to emails, valuable time that could be spent generating revenue for your organization through sales, improving customer relationships, generating leads, and working on major workplace projects. With this study in mind, the true benefits of Smart Compose start to become obvious for organizations of every size.

The ability to automate aspects of your email inbox means that you and your team will be able to cut the amount of time they spend reading and answering email messages every day, allowing them to be more productive and focus on the tasks at hand. Less time away from your inbox means also more time spent collaborating with other employees in the many apps available in G Suite, like Docs, Slides, and Sheets. It also presents an opportunity to encourage your team members to chat in real time using the built-in chat features found in G Suite apps, or through Hangouts Meet, letting them communicate in real-time without interrupting their workflow.

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