Google Apps for Work: The Power of Sharing

by Denise Hazime on November 26, 2015

“Improved collaboration” is a marketing term you’ll see used often for Google Apps for Work. What makes it better at collaboration than similar solutions? Simply put, it’s all about sharing. Sharing files with colleagues from your computer and on mobile devices, allowing permissions for specific files so that only certain people have access, and just making it easy to share and collaborate on any file, presentation, or spreadsheet. Sharing files with Google Apps for Work is arguably much easier than sharing them with Microsoft Office 365 and similar solutions.

Google has recently announced improvements to its mobile sharing on Google Apps. But before discussing these, let’s have a look at why “cloud sharing” with Google Apps is more efficient than the old system of emailing files.

Email: Why it is “Legacy Sharing” Compared to Google Docs “Cloud Sharing”

Emailing files back and forth is how many of us are used to doing business. However, there are many drawbacks to using email for collaboration. First, you have to wait for it. While the wait isn’t long, if you have five minutes until a presentation starts, the real­time sharing you can do with Google Apps is far more preferable. Plus, you can see any edits being done in real time on any file being edited in Google Docs, Google Slides (presentations) and Google Sheets (spreadsheets). So you can make real­time corrections with your colleagues online when you are down to the wire.

Secondly, email is unreliable. Servers go down, important emails get sent to junk folders; there are a number of pitfalls that regular email users will recognize. How many times have you waited for an important email to get started on a project, only to have that email never arrive? With Google Docs, you have what you need in an instant. More importantly, your employees do and your business gets to hum along that much faster.

Finally, when revisions to files are being done over email, it’s hard to track what version of the file someone is working on. If you are collating changes from a number of different stakeholders, you can be left with an editing nightmare. With everything living in Google Docs, Sheets or Slides, anyone can go in and make changes (if they’re permitted to), and you can see a full revision history so you know what has changed – with one click from within the file, and without having to hunt. Just pop down the “File” menu in any Google App, and it’s right there.

Google Apps for Work still uses email to let you know if there’s been a revision or update, but if that email is lost in the shuffle, you can still log in to the file and see everything you need to in order to do your work.  

Making Google Apps “Cloud Sharing” Even Better with Gmail Filters

The only minor drawback with Google Apps for Work’s collaboration is that emails from Google Apps can get lost in the “Updates” tab of Gmail. If you have your Gmail organized into tabs (which you should to cut down on clutter), just create a filter to send all emails from Google Apps to your “Primary” tab to ensure that you don’t miss out on important file changes, comments and requests.

Google’s Latest Mobile Sharing Improvements

Google recently unveiled a number of improvements to share files on the go with the Google Drive app. The changes are applicable in both iOS and Android. The first is that a mobile user will now get a notification (as long as push notifications aren’t turned off for Google Drive) on their phone when they are given access to a file.

The most important change is that you no longer require a Google Account to see shared files on an Android device, making it much easier to share files with clients on the go.

Chromecast: Share Your Presentations from Anywhere

If you have a mobile sales team, or are always on the go and find yourself having to do presentations, then the combination of Google Apps for Work and Chromecast can have you doing professional presentations from your mobile phone, or even just simple screen shares when you are talking to a client on the phone.

Chromecast is most well known for being Google’s answer to home entertainment, allowing you to use an inexpensive Chromecast device to stream anything you want to your television. But the mobile app will also let you broadcast your screen on your tablet or smartphone, allowing you to give a presentation from anywhere you happen to be. Just download the app, choose the item you want to share, and you can broadcast anything you want to anyone – all from your mobile screen.

Google Apps for Work greatest selling point of its sharing features is one that isn’t talked about much – simplicity and easy usability. The uncluttered interface makes for a significant lack of a learning curve for users, where other systems require anything from basic to advanced training to allow users to fully take advantage of sharing features.

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