Google Apps for Work: Who is Adopting It and Why

by Denise Hazime on October 22, 2015

Google Apps for Work doesn’t really have to sell itself. In the year since it was rebranded Google Apps for Work from Google Enterprise, it has proven to be the suite to beat for large corporations and the next generation of the workforce. Here are a few of the milestones Google Apps for Work has seen in the past year.

Over 1 Million Companies are Using Google Drive

Big names like Uber and The New York Times have adopted Google Drive as their central file repository system - and it’s no wonder. Legacy systems relied on storing files on company intranets or on servers where files could easily be overwritten or erased.

Google Drive’s competitors lack the security and collaborative features of Google Drive, which empowers your workforce to find what they need faster and work more efficiently and securely. Google Drive files can be backed up to Google Vault, adding an extra layer of security and transparency to your organization, while doing away with clunky legacy backup systems.

Millennials Prefer Google Apps for Work

According to this study, adults aged 18-34 are 55% more likely to use Google Apps for Work than alternatives when given the choice. This may have a lot to do with the fact that Google Apps for Education is in widespread use in schools all over North America – meaning that this trend is only going to increase.

Google Apps for Work is simply easier to use and more collaborative in nature than any tool in the Microsoft Office suite, including Word and Excel. Unless you are doing complex statistical calculations, Google Sheets does everything Excel can do, and allows seamless collaboration. Google Docs is the newest generation’s Microsoft Word. Any business that is future-forward and employs younger adults should consider using Google Docs to give millennials the tools they want to work with.

Google Apps for Work Has a Proven 304% ROI

According to a Forrester Research study, companies that adopt Google Apps for Work will show a positive ROI. While there are many reasons for this illustrated in the below infographic, the overarching one is that it is less expensive than competing solutions. Companies pay one annual fee per user - no hidden fees, no ongoing licensing costs. Just one, predictable fee that you can plug into your system and count on for the year.

You can bet that if companies like Uber, Fossil and the New York Times are relying on Google Apps for Work, they did their own calculations in advance as to how much they would save and how many efficiencies they would realize from adopting Google Apps for Work. But you can do this one simple exercise - add up all the fees for all the services that Google Apps for Work offers that you are currently using.

This would include fees for services like DropBox, any backup solutions you are using, and Microsoft Office. Then, compare that to the simple rates for Google Apps for Work. Unless you are using entirely free tools for everything, the math will work out to Google Apps for Work being cheaper for your business, while still offering the same and in some cases a superior level of service.

If you are concerned about integrating current office systems and software with Google Apps for Work, UpCurve Cloud can handle most integrations, and you can also purchase your licensing for Google Apps for Work through us - without an upcharge on your user fees, unless you purchase extra services such as enhanced support or custom integrations. We were one of the first companies to act as a licensed reseller of Google Apps for Work, and have deep experience migrating businesses exactly like yours from legacy solutions to the workforce tool of the future: Google Apps for Work.

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