Google Apps Sync Now Supports Outlook 2013

by Denise Hazime on May 28, 2013

I was going through my emails and noticed one my boss forwarded an email from a customer asking if Google had released any information about when the Google Apps Sync for MS Outlook tool would become compatible with Outlook 2013. Again. Sigh. Let’s just check on the tool’s download page: Outlook 2003... check... 2007... check... 2010... check.... 2013 unch.... wait a second! Outlook 2013 is finally compatible with Google’s sync tool! And if that doesn’t delight you maybe knowing that Windows 8 is also supported.

If you don’t have the sync tool yet you can download it from the program’s download page. The first step in order to use the Google Apps Sync for MS Outlook (GASMO) is to give permission to GASMO to access your Google Apps data so be prepared to be navigate to a Google login page on your web browser to accept the permissions after you sign in to the program.

Once you’re signed in to the tool on your computer you can then start Outlook and start synchronizing your mail, contacts and calendar events:

If you already have the Google Apps Sync for MS Outlook tool installed on your computer then GASMO should already be updated with the new version. Note for Windows XP users: Please restart your computer for the latest version to take effect.

Another change that Google made to GASMO is giving users the ability to quickly change the location of their Google Apps Outlook profile’s PST and log files by right-clicking on the sync tool icon in your taskbar and selecting the Modify PST/logs folder paths:

Like all other Google products, the Google Apps Sync for MS Outlook just keeps on getting better!

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