Afraid of Change? A Google Apps For Work Reseller Can Help

by Denise Hazime on May 12, 2016

There are many reasons to buy Google Apps through a reseller like UpCurve Cloud. But the most important is that making the switch from legacy software to Google Apps for Work is a very big deal for many companies, no matter the size. A Google Apps for Work reseller can offer additional value-added services like training, integration management, and support over and above what you would get from buying Google Apps for Work directly from Google. It can all be summed up in one business jargon phrase: change management. We don’t just sell you Google Apps for Work, we ensure its eager adoption by your team and its integration with the apps and software you use every day.  

Leaders, Decision Makers & Change Agents

Leaders, decision makers and change agents within the company can all influence everyone on your team to successfully adopt Google Apps for Work. Part of our process is to help you identify these people in your organization and ensure that they receive proper training and all of their questions are answered.  

Change Management with Staff: Training

You may be pre-sold on Google Apps with the amount of money it can save your company, ease of use, better collaboration, and simple IT management. But the reality is that while some of your staff, particularly those in younger demographics, will embrace Google Apps for Work, some of the over 35 set may bristle against having to learn an entirely new software application. And with good reason - many of them may have taken entire courses on how to effectively use Microsoft products, and may feel like they are throwing an entire skill set out of the window. These more change-resistant members of your team will roll their eyes at being offered a help section to guide them through their learning process. They were raised on being trained, and effective training is the best way to win them over. UpCurve Cloud offers several different levels of training, from helpful videos like the one below, to webinars tailored to the specific needs of your organization, to one-on-one interactive training. This is one of the “secret sauce” reasons to purchase Google Apps for Work from an experienced reseller. We’ll come up with a training solution with you that will convert even the most stuck-in-the-mud legacy software devotee to a Google Apps rockstar.

Change Management with Software: Integration Management

Getting people trained and onside with Google Apps for Work is the first and most important aspect of change management. Getting your digital house in order is the next step. Right now, you probably have systems that you use every day that could be integrated with Google Apps - you just don’t know it yet. Your VoIP phone system, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, and much more can be integrated with Google Apps For Work. This can enable your team to do things like make calls from their email, automatically log calls to client records in CRM tools, and much more.   Here are some concrete examples of what you can do with Google Apps once you get it properly integrated:

Integration an area that makes UpCurve Cloud special. We have integration specialists on hand who will ensure that everything is talking to everything else properly, and that your business will get easier to staff and manage as a result. We can even develop custom integrations between many specialized in-house systems and Google Apps if needed.  

Change Management with Excellent Support

Most people don’t like just being pointed at a forum or a website if they have questions about Google Apps - they really don’t like it if they are having issues. Our support comes from real people, over the phone or any other method that you prefer. Think of us as a concierge service for Google Apps - we make sure you are getting the best experience with a proper change management strategy.

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