Google Calendar Just Became Your Personal Assistant with Reminders and Goals

by Denise Hazime on April 21, 2016


Google Calendar just got much more useful for both your business and personal life. With the introduction of Reminders for Google Calendar for the Web and Goals for Google Calendar for mobile devices, Google has made organization seamless. We’ll look at these two new features and some other things that make Google Calendar stand out. With these improvements, and all of its other features, Google Calendar is becoming more of a personal digital assistant instead of just a scheduling tool - although it’s really good for that, too.  

Reminders for the Web Version of Google Calendar

Reminders aren’t new - they were introduced on mobile versions of Google Calendar at the end of 2015. However, being only accessible from mobile devices made them less useful for digital salt mine workers who are used to working on a computer. Sure, you could pick up your reminders from your smartphone while you were on your computer, but why use two devices when just one is all you need.


Reminders do one very simple thing - they remind you that you have a certain task to complete. They carry over to the next day if they remain incomplete, making Google Calendar a better micromanagement tool for all of the things you need to get done throughout the day and ensuring that things don’t slip through the cracks. Here’s how they work:

You can add Reminders in Calendar, Google Inbox, Google Keep, and Google Now. It would be nice if Reminders was added to Gmail as well, but they are still remarkably useful for keeping your life organized.  

Goals: Keep Your Personal Life on Track

Goals help you create specific items that you can choose to repeat or defer to a later time. If you want to workout a certain number of times a week, choose your times, duration, and Google Calendar will remind you when your goal “appointment” starts. This is an excellent development for people who like to track their goals and development. Plus, Goals learns when you defer your goal appointments, so it will suggest better times for you to complete your goals.

As with the initial release of Reminders, Goals is only available on mobile devices at the moment; here’s hoping it comes to the web version as quickly as Reminders did. It’s less vital, however, since many corporate accounts don’t allow access to personal email - Goals is built more for the personal than the professional.  

More Ridiculously Helpful Google Calendar Things

Google Calendar guide for administrative assistants. This helpful guide walks through a ton of tips and tricks for Google Calendar. While it’s written for administrative assistants, it’s actually a fantastic guide for anyone who uses it every day. Take a quick scan to become a Google Calendar guru.*  Particularly useful are some of its Calendar Labs suggestions, including Automatically Declining Events for when an event collides with another on your calendar, and Event Attachments which allow you to attach files to event invites. Scroll to the very bottom for more on those. And did you know you could enable keyboard shortcuts in Google Calendar so you don’t even have to take that extra step of clicking a mouse on something? That’s game-changing for people with busy schedules.

Create a Master Google Calendar from Multiple Accounts  

Check out our post on creating a master Google Calendar for multiple accounts for more ways to make Google Calendar work for you. At a base level, it would allow you to merge your personal and work calendars. More advanced users may have several Google accounts they want to fold into one calendar. If Reminders aren’t enough for you to organize your professional life, consider a project management tool like Zoho Projects. Zoho Projects integrates with Calendar - and all Google Apps - so you can still use all the features of Google Calendar and have everything you do with it recorded in Zoho Projects. UpCurve Cloud can set you up with Google Apps for Work and Zoho Projects to help you master your schedule, events and time management.   *Not an actual title or certificate. But seriously, read this guide.

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