Google for Work Renamed to Google Cloud, Google Apps to G Suite: Adds New Features

by Denise Hazime on October 6, 2016


Google for Work is now Google Cloud, and Google Apps for Work is now G Suite. With the name change comes a ridiculous number of improvements and features for your business. Google is doubling down on the collaborative nature of G Suite for many of them, making G Suite the go-to tool for businesses that work better together. Most are based on machine learning and automating rote manual tasks. While it’s impossible to list them all here, we’ve hand-picked the ones that are best for business.  

Google Calendar Now Auto-Selects Best Times

Since G Suite extends across your entire organization, this feature just makes sense. Now, Google Calendar will auto-suggest the best times for a meeting within your company based on everyone’s calendars. While the feature was already on Android, it’s now on iOS and will be available soon for the web-based version.  

Google Sheets: Now for Non-Formula Users

To effectively use a spreadsheet in the past, you had to be a formula ninja. Google Sheets recognizes that now computers can perform most of these tasks for you (and have been able to for some time). The new Explore feature - available for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides - allows you to search for simple data, such as “What are my top 3 items by sales price?” and have the answer automatically returned - and even dropped into your presentation or spreadsheet in a pretty chart. Sorry, formula ninjas - now everyone can be you.  

Team Drives: This Changes Everything

Google Drive, the way it was set up before, was easy to search – and that’s how you had to find files. Team Drives bring back the old school feel of a central repository for all company files that select users can access, which may help to make adoption of G Suite easier for older users who are used to this structure. Team Drives ensure that new hires can be onboarded quickly and have access to all necessary files, and similarly exiting employees can leave and team members will still have access to their files. If you are interested in test driving Team Drives, and you are a UpCurve Cloud client, ask us about getting signed up with Google’s Early Adopter program.

If you want to see a full list of all the new goodies that come with G Suite, check out the Official Google Cloud Blog. If you want an in-person introduction to how Google Cloud and G Suite can bring your business together, join us on October 25th at the Google offices in Irvine, California for a Lunch and Learn. You’ll learn how G Suite, VoIP communications, and CRMs can automagically combine to make your business better.

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