Google Cloud Next is an annual conference revolving around G Suite and Google Cloud Platform in San Francisco. This year looks to be Google’s largest event ever with over 25,000 registrants in attendance. Day 1 of this years event kicked off with exciting keynotes from Google Cloud CEO Diane Green and a surprise visit from Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

In Diane Greene’s keynote, she mentioned that Security and Artificial Intelligence (AI) were the top areas of focus for the organization. A large number of security and AI related updates were announced today with indications of dozens more the rest of the week related to G Suite and Google Cloud Platform. Google is reimaging the way we work in the modern world and setting the stage for the future.

Key Announcements

  • A new investigation tool in the Security Center helps admins identify which users are potentially infected, see if anything’s been shared externally and remove access to Drive files or delete malicious emails.
  • Customers can choose where to store primary data for select G Suite apps—globally, distributed, U.S. or Europe—with Data Regions for G Suite.
  • Smart Reply is coming to Hangouts Chat. Using AI, Smart Reply recognizes which messages need responses and proposes reply options that are casual enough for chat, yet appropriate for the workplace.
  • Smart Compose in Gmail intelligently autocompletes emails for you—by filling in greetings, common phrases and more–so you collaborate more efficiently. Smart Compose will be available to G Suite customers in the coming weeks.
  • Grammar Suggestions in Google Docs uses a unique machine translation-based approach to recognize grammatical errors (simple and complex) and suggest corrections. It is available in an Early Adopter Program (“beta”) for G Suite customers today.
  • Voice Commands for Hangouts Meet hardware brings some of the same magic of the Google Assistant to the conference room so that teams can connect to video meetings quickly. Voice Commands will roll out to select Meet hardware customers later this year.

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