Google unveiled a raft of new cloud offerings at the recent Google Cloud Next summit, focusing on key areas such as cloud migration, data analytics, data storage, cybersecurity, and more.

“Now is the time where we need to embrace openness and interoperability, and we are incredibly excited about everything we are doing on that front,“ said Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian. “We’re proud to reveal additional product innovations and partnerships to help the people in your organization — the data decision-makers, the developers and builders, the IT teams, the cybersecurity experts, and all employees — make transformation real, impactful, and sustainable.”

What’s new in Google Cloud?

There was a lot to explore, from upgrades to popular applications to entirely new products at Google Cloud Next. Here’s a round-up of the highlights:

Looker Studio

Data Studio has now become Looker Studio - a retooled version of the business intelligence app. It customizes and categorizes data, pulling it from over 800 sources to produce reports, presentations, charts, and more. The basic version is free, but Enterprise clients who want even more features can upgrade to Looker Studio Pro.

Big Query 

Google’s Big Query tool isn’t new, but the fully managed data warehouse is getting a few updates to expand its functionality. 

Customers can now securely store and analyze unstructured data in Big Query. This allows users to work with all types of data while having access to Google’s machine learning, speech recognition, computer vision, translation, and text processing capabilities from the Big Query interface.

Big Query users will also be able to instantly replicate data from third-party sources, including Oracle, AlloyDB, and MySQL. The application now also integrates with the analytics engine Apache Spark.

Translation Hub

If your company has a global footprint, producing content in multiple languages, you’ll want to check out Google’s newly-launched Translation Hub. An enterprise-scale translation tool, the AI-driven software allows users to input documents and translate them into several languages in a matter of seconds.

Dual Run

Designed to help companies migrate their legacy systems to the cloud without running into roadblocks, Dual Run is Google’s new mainframe modernization application.

Google developed the tool specifically for businesses in financial services, retail, healthcare, and other industries that rely on mainstream systems to run core business processes.

Data Run streamlines cloud migration in several ways. Businesses can simultaneously run workloads on their legacy system and the cloud, testing deployment in real time. 

Migration Center

To further help companies on their cloud journey, Google has launched a migration center that combines assessment, planning, and migration as a single service.

Chronicle Security Operations

Launched to streamline and unify all of Google’s cybersecurity expertise under one umbrella, Chronicle’s cloud-based security suite helps teams detect, investigate, and respond to threats. 

Innovation ahead

In the first half of 2022, Google released around 1,300 new features and products. With the latest wave of innovation out of Google Cloud Next, the company is continuing its mission to bring next-generation computing to enterprises.

“The combination of Google’s technical strengths, backed by its unique scale and deep experience in connecting that technology with consumer products and ecosystems, enables Google Cloud to put the tools of tomorrow in the hands of organizations today,” said Kurian.

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