Google Contacts Just Got More Useful with Google Maps Integration

by Denise Hazime on June 16, 2016


Google Contacts will now automatically add address information to any of your Google Contacts with an official entry in Google Maps. All you have to do is enter the phone number, and it will automatically update with information about the business that is on its Google Maps listing, including location, website, and more.  

Wait - Where Do I Find Google Contacts?

Google Contacts is the best contact manager you may not have known that you had. For most Gmail users, Google Contacts is the magic behind the scenes that automatically pops up email addresses when you send out anything from Gmail or any other Google App. Google Contacts stores information about your contacts across your Google Apps. If you want to see your contacts, click on the top left menu in Gmail, then click “Contacts” and your Google Contacts will load (left image below). You will then be taken to your Google Contacts page (right image below).


From here, you can edit contacts, delete them, and organize them. You can also reach this screen at This new update incentivizes companies to use Google Contacts for more than auto-filling emails. It’s doubly helpful for clients with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Zoho that auto-populate Google Contacts with information, and vice versa. Less data entry all around, and more time you can spend on running your business.  

Fill Out Your Information on Google Maps - or Get on it In the First Place

This new change also makes it easier for your clients to do business with you. You’ll want to make sure that your information on Google Maps is up to date. If you aren’t on Google Maps, you can add your business through the Google My Business page. There’s no charge, only a simple verification process to verify that your business is real either by phone or by email. This will also help you to set up a Google+ page, which is recommended for search engine optimization. While you don’t have to actively post on Google+ to realize some of the benefits, you really should to get all of them, and most social media management tools - including the ones included with the Zoho suite of products - allow you to cross-post to various networks. What works for a Facebook post generally works for a Google+ post. Contact UpCurve Cloud today to find out more about Google Apps and the Zoho suite of products which integrates with them to help you manage customer relationships and your social media.

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