Google Disrupts Recruiting Solutions With Google Hire & Google for Jobs

by Denise Hazime on August 21, 2017


After over a year of testing with companies in various verticals, Google has released Google Hire - a recruiting solution meant for use with G Suite. Google Hire does everything other recruiting solutions do, but with one key feature - it seamlessly integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, and every Google App your organization already uses. With its pricing structure, it is meant for use by larger small businesses and medium-sized businesses.

Google Hire has many features such as applicant tracking, candidate nurturing through email campaigns, and an easily searchable database of candidates that you can mine before posting a job. It helps you keep track of your “silver medal” candidates so you can come back to them at a later date, rather than inefficiently posting a job and sorting through resumes with each new job that becomes available. Google Hire has already received many accolades from its beta testers, and is a refreshing palate cleanser from the complex recruiting solutions that have been in-market for years.  

Google Hire’s Not-so-Secret Weapon: Deep Integration with Gmail

While Google Hire can integrate with Google Sheets and other Google apps, its email integration with Gmail is where its power really shines. Any emails between you and candidates are automatically saved to their profile, and show up with a “Hire” label in your Gmail. See the video below for how it works.

Google for Jobs - Opens Up Your Job Listings to Everyone

In addition to Google Hire, Google has released the Google for Jobs, which allows searchers to instantly find jobs near them without having to go to a job website. It doesn’t replace job websites such as Glassdoor or LinkedIn, but aggregates their results in a Google search. This means if you list a job on a popular job website, it will now come up in a Google search not just to users of that website, but everyone. Find out more on Google’s blog.  

Pricing for Google Hire Comparable to Similar Solutions

While Google doesn’t reveal its pricing on the Google Hire website, details have made it to the media. It is comparable to similar HR solutions, including Jobscore. Google isn’t competing on offering the lowest-priced solution, but rather one that integrates better with the workflow of the business. The pricing tiers are based on the size of the company.  

  • 50-99 employees: $2,400/year
  • 100-249 employees: $4,800/year
  • 250-1000 employees: $12,000/year

Google Hire is currently only available for organizations with 1000 employees or less which are located in the United States. Google Hire only works with G Suite, so your company also needs to be a G Suite client.

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