Working with Different Languages with Google Docs and Other Google Products

by Denise Hazime on November 3, 2016


If you are dealing with multiple languages in your business, Google Docs and the other apps in G Suite make it easy - much easier than doing the same thing in Microsoft Word or Office. If you are in the business of translation, the real-time collaborative features of G Suite offer many advantages as well.  

Setting the Language for Spell Check in Google Docs or any Google App

This is very simple - go to File, Language and select your desired language.


Using Google Docs Built-In Translate Function

To translate any document go to “Tools” and “Translate” and select your language. In terms of accuracy, Google is always improving this function using machine learning, but any important document should always go through a professional translator, or at least someone who is proficient in the language, before being released to the public. However, for simple one or two-line translations, this function is usually reliable.  

Using Google Translate App on International Trips

If you’re travelling and want to know what a sign means, all you have to do is take a picture and it will translate it for you in up to 29 languages. It will translate up to 52 languages without any Internet connectivity, and 103 with Internet connectivity. User reviews seem to praise its performance in some languages over others, so your mileage may vary depending on which language you choose. Google Translate is also available as a Chrome extension, so you can use it to translate anything you visit in your browser. You can download it here.  

Translate in Google Sheets

If you want to translate an individual cell, use the formula=GOOGLETRANSLATE(). If you want to translate the entire sheet, download the Translate my Sheet add-on. Once it’s installed, it can be accessed from the Add-ons menu.  

Adding Accents to Documents

While the usual Google Docs menu method of adding accents is simple, the Easy Accents Add-On simplifies it even further by putting the accents on a sidebar for you to select, rather than having to insert a special character each time you need an accented character. Working with multiple languages is very easy with G Suite and other Google products - you just have to know where to look. If you have any questions about working with different languages in Google, please reach out to our team here, and we’ll try to find the answer for you.

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