Google Drive iOS App Updated with New Features

by Koosha Araghi on September 30, 2013

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Google has rolled out it's 2nd major update to their Google Drive iPhone app since it first launched in June of 2012. Since many businesses are now moving away from their file servers and taking advantage of cloud-based file storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, having a good mobile interface for retrieving, sharing, and editing files is becoming more and more relevant.

As someone who relies heavily on Google Drive for work,  my only real gripes have been with the presentation and organization of files within the iOS mobile app. Fortunately the latest update has brought a much needed visual overhaul.

Following in the Android version's footsteps, the latest iOS update for Google Drive introduces the ability to preview your files through card-style thumbnails. You can quickly scroll and glance through pictures, videos, documents and more. Files and folders are no longer mixed together, making it much easier to access and sort through. The app itself is also much snappier than previous versions, even when loading an endless list of previews. The navigation also gives you the ability to toggle between the traditional list view and the new thumbnails.  

Other notable changes include the ability to (finally!) view and edit your Google Docs in landscape mode. For those of us that work on our docs (especially spreadsheets) on the go, this makes editing a lot more manageable. Additionally, the info / details pane now includes a "Get Link" option that will automatically copy to your clipboard the link for the file selected.

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