Google Drive or Dropbox: Which Should Your Business Choose for File Sharing?

by Denise Hazime on January 21, 2016

Google Drive and Dropbox are both excellent file sharing solutions. But why have two tools that do the same job? Google Drive is better in terms of collaboration, while Dropbox may have been in use in your organization for some time. Let’s have a look at how Google Drive is better than Dropbox, and how using both tools is redundant.

#1 Reason to Use Google Drive: Security

There are a number of administrative controls you can use to control access to files in Google Drive when using Google Apps for Work. If you are using the paid version of Dropbox, you can control access as well, but it’s hard to place restrictions by department or other criteria. You can basically only limit access to certain email addresses. Plus, most employees will just choose the easiest route when using Dropbox, and choose the option where anyone with the link can see the file. This is dangerous for obvious reasons.

#2 Reason to Use Google Drive: Collaboration

Dropbox was designed for one purpose: make file sharing easy. But what if someone needs to work on that file? You can open any file created in Google Apps and work on it straight from Google Drive, and skip that annoying download and open step. This makes Google Drive easier to use for mobile businesses where employees are just using their smartphones to work.

Dropbox also doesn’t allow you to see everyone’s revisions to a file, where you’ll be able to see revisions in real time on a Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides file if you’re using drive.

But – Everything is on Dropbox

Those two reasons are probably enough to implement Google Drive as your file sharing solution over Dropbox. But what if you have a file system built up already on Dropbox? You can use a cloud transfer solution like Multcloud to transfer files between the two solutions. Perhaps you have a client who only uses Dropbox but wishes to share files with you, and have you return other files directly into their Dropbox.

It’s easy to integrate it with your Gmail. Download the Dropbox for Gmail extension through the Chrome Webstore, and an icon allowing you to attach files from Dropbox will appear on all of your outgoing emails. Administrators can add the extension from the Google Apps control panel to users they want to make it available to – so if your marketing department is the only one using Dropbox, you can just make it available to them.

Sharing Just Got Easier with Google Drive

Google just made organizing and sharing files in Drive much easier with a number of recent updates. Specifically, you now get a “Move” button for files already in Drive which you want to move, and you also get the option to add certain files to your own instance of Google Drive. For example, if you have a master spreadsheet that your department uses, you can now add it to your own Google Drive for easier access rather than navigating to the file every time.

You can also now drag and drop files into folders, add files to any folder while in preview mode (so if you just opened a file from an email), as well as a few more tweaks. These changes will appeal to people used to working in the Microsoft ecosystem, so they don’t have to hunt for commands that they are used to. And while OneDrive is an option for cloud storage, it doesn’t have the collaborative and security capacities that Google Drive as part of the Google Apps for Work suite does. Plus, it’s more expensive – something which every business needs to pay attention to.

Want Integrations for File Storage?

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