For more than two years, Google has been working diligently to improve the G Suite experience for everyone with machine learning features that greatly improve the potential for workplace productivity, and save time by giving you what you need when you need it. G Suite has been testing its machine learning capabilities for more than two years, introducing the Explore feature that gave users quick access to Docs, Sheets, and Slides, along with instant insights and other productivity-increasing features.

Now, Google is introducing the “Priority” feature in Google Drive, using G Suite’s machine learning capabilities to accurately identify high priority items within an organization. This AI-driven feature increases organization and efficiency in the workplace and reduces the stress and confusion that can stem from files and action items being lost in the shuffle.

Google Drive’s impressive new Priority feature

G Suite’s latest feature allows for immediate access to file and comments found in your Drive, using machine learning capabilities to take the feature a step further. Using Google’s AI, Priority will be able to accurately determine which files and action items are most urgent within your organization. Users will see high priority files upon opening Drive, along with a number of comments and suggested actions for each. This feature improves workplace productivity by putting an end to manual searching, allowing users to access and resolve issues at the click of a button. These suggestions and file priorities are determined by using data from calendar events, activities, and notes to prompt users to deal with important files immediately, or to deal with them at a particular date or time.

Easily organize your Drive files into “workspaces” without moving them

Giving users instant access to the high priority Drive files they use often saves valuable time for employees, letting them get to important tasks immediately instead of searching manually for files. Another great feature found in Drive’s new Priority component is the ability to easily aggregate Drive files into unique “workspaces” without actually moving the storage locations or permissions assigned to specific files. This means that users are able to find related files without searching for them, or disrupting their actual storage locations, increasing efficiency and reducing redundant search time. Users can use the workspace organization feature by adding files manually or using the intelligent file suggestion feature for added convenience.

The advantage of G Suite’s machine learning features

With the addition of machine learning features to Google’s G Suite, workplaces have more reason than ever before to ditch legacy productivity solutions and make the jump to Google’s cloud-based productivity suite. Google’s impressive AI capabilities have shown time and time again that they make the lives of users easier by giving them instant access to the files and action items that need to be addressed immediately, drastically reducing the chances of items being lost in the shuffle, and turning users into productivity superstars. With machine learning, G Suite applies usage data about how users employ their favorite G Suite apps without being intrusive or invading the privacy of employees, allowing them to be more organized, efficient, and effective in every aspect of their job, and giving them more out of their cloud-based productivity suite. To take advantage of G Suite’s exciting new Priority and workspaces features, G Suite users will have to opt into Priority in Drive Beta.

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