Google Hangouts Updates: Added Security & Calendar Integration

by Koosha Araghi on April 15, 2014

Google Calendars + Hangouts


Unlike other meeting software, Hangouts doesn't require recipients to download any additional software, just a working browser. Best of all, Hangouts lets you hop on from any device so your team can hop into the conference from virtually anywhere. Rolling out this month, new calendar events in Google calendars will now include a Hangouts video call link automatically. If you've ever been involved or set up a conference call or meeting, you've definitely run into last minute problems or delays due to incorrect or missing links. The new hangouts addition to calendars removes any chance of confusion or problems. A note to admins, you still have the option to disable the feature through the calendar settings page within your domains admin console.  

Hangouts Control: Restrict Access

As Hangouts continues to grow, so does the potential for security risks. Google continually rolls out security updates and has included administrative controls to help make Hangouts a viable option for businesses, schools, and governments. Some of the administrative controls have included the ability to limit hangout chat messages to only within the domain (internal only) and turning off chat history by default for the entire organization. The latest feature released this week includes the ability to warn users when chatting outside of the domain. According to Google's changelog, in group chats, the chat conversation will be split when the first person outside of the domain is added to the discussion. This will prevent external users from seeing previous internal discussions and add an additional layer of privacy.

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