In a move that looks to put security back into the hands of its users, Google recently announced new measures to protect Google Cloud and G Suite users from phishing scams and malware. The new tools introduced by the tech giant will be turned on for all G Suite users by default, increasing protection for businesses and individuals immediately.

Expanded Use of Machine Learning

Google’s machine learning methods will protect businesses from phishing scams where the perpetrator is impersonating an employee or company executive - Google says this is the cause of more than 99.9% of workplace email compromises.

Much of G Suite’s new anti-phishing measures will be based on machine learning techniques that are able to analyze and identify potential phishing attacks and other suspicious content in order to minimize and eliminate security risks. G Suite’s machine learning models will be able to automatically flag emails with encrypted attachments and scripts from sources that are untrusted or unknown as well as unauthenticated emails, warn against emails potentially spoofing employee names, and will automatically scan images and URLs to identify potential phishing attempts.

Increased Mobile Protection

Businesses whose employees access G Suite via their mobile devices can now rely on newly implemented device management to keep their data safe and secure. These new security features will be enabled automatically on mobile devices with access to G Suite, and gives administrators the tools needed to implement further security measures with new management controls. Admins will be able to identify when devices are accessing corporate data, can enforce password protection and clear selected accounts, and more. These helpful new features mean that businesses with a workforce relying on accessing important data on the road will no longer have to worry about decreased mobile security.

More Detailed Insights

The new security measures being implemented by Google include tools for IT admins who will now be able to make better use of the newly introduced security center. The updates to the security center will allow for security charts that show Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam threats and other phishing attempts, mobile management charts to track suspicious device activity, improved dashboard organization, and new ways to determine the overall health of your businesses security measures and accurate customized advice on how to further protect yourself and your business from threats.

Safer Team Drive Experience

In addition to increased mobile platform security and added features to G Suite’s new security center, the new security measure updates will enhance the Team Drive experience. Data that is stored and shared between employees and other entities on Team Drive will now be able to ensure the security of their sensitive data with new Information Rights Management (IRM) controls that will protect your business data. Other new features for Team Drive include the ability to limit file access to specific Team Drive members and adding IRM controls that can keep those with access to data from printing, copying or download your Drive-stored content.

The new anti-phishing and other security measures recently implemented by Google look to make G Suite a must-have tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. In addition to improved security for all users, G Suite allows for instant communication and collaboration between users, unlimited and secure Cloud storage, and a wide range of features that will keep your business constantly connected and ahead of the curve.