Google Jamboard: The Digital Whiteboard You’ve Been Waiting For

by Denise Hazime on August 8, 2017

“Smart” whiteboards have been around in the educational sector for years. But they don’t include the power of collaboration that Google’s new Jamboard brings to the boardroom table. While it has a large price tag - starting at $4,999 plus annual management fees - it’s a small price to pay for making your meetings and collaboration with clients more exciting.  

Google rarely gets into the hardware business, but when it does, it releases impressive products such as Google Home. The Jamboard is no exception. The 55” 4K touchscreen display has impressive curved edges, and is mounted on a rolling stand that is easy to move between offices. There is also an option for a wall mount.  

Experience Collaboration Like Never Before

The Jamboard allows you to draw on it with a stylus and eraser, but this is where the similarity to a traditional smart whiteboard ends. You can pull in information from the Web, up to 16 meeting participants can add notes and other items to the Jamboard either from devices in the room or via the Jamboard app if they are dialing in, and you can see all remote Google Hangout meeting participants on a sidebar on the Jamboard during your meeting. It’s all the great stuff you can do in G Suite in terms of collaborating in real time, but with the visual aid of the Jamboard.


Meeting Setup Is a Breeze

While there are similar solutions on the market like Jamboard, setup and ease of use is Jamboard’s competitive edge. Just walk into the meeting room, claim the Jamboard with your Jamboard app from any computer, tablet, or smartphone, and you are ready to go. Meeting participants who are remote will require the Jamboard app, but it’s a simple download and install like any other app. There is no additional configuration or fiddling - the Jamboard is an actual plug and play device.  

Who Is the Jamboard For?

The Jamboard is ideal for any business that collaborates regularly and wants to impress clients. Any business that requires high visual inputs, such as an architectural or a design firm, would find the Jamboard indispensable once it starts using it. Firms such as marketing agencies will find that the Jamboard not only supercharges their creative team, but adds a level of professionalism when clients visit the office that is hard to duplicate. Even if the price tag seems high for a smaller firm, the value-add in terms of team productivity and “wow factor” for your clients will have a tangible ROI. If you are considering Jamboard for your organization, contact UpCurve Cloud to find out more.

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