Google Keep & Google Meet: Two New Tools for G Suite Business Users

by Denise Hazime on March 9, 2017


Two new tools are coming the way of business users of G Suite. Google Keep was officially announced as being rolled into G Suite for all business users, while Google Meet was stumbled upon by Techcrunch as the next, more business-friendly, iteration of Google Hangouts.  

Google Keep Added to G Suite

Google Keep is a note-taking app. Up until now, it was siloed as its own standalone solution, which didn’t help its popularity even though it had great functionality and is much simpler than similar solutions such as Evernote. Now, Google has added it to G Suite and has integrated it with Google Docs, allowing you to take commenting on Google Docs to the next level by creating a Google Keep note rather than trying to cram all of your feedback into a comment.  


You can drag and drop your notes into Google Doc from Keep, search Keep from within Docs, and select text from a Google Doc which will be automatically linked when you save your Keep note.

How is this practical for business? You can now jot down ideas on the go with Google Keep, then build on them easily when you get to the office without even needing to open up a separate app. You can also build content libraries in Keep with commonly used items such as company logos, mission statements and so on, and reference them immediately within Docs.  

Google Meet the Next Big Thing for Hangouts

Google admittedly began Hangouts with an eye to consumer users as a competitor for Skype. The problem with this approach is that it wasn’t business-oriented, and Google Hangouts started to be used much more frequently by companies due to its superiority over Skype - less dropped video chats, easier to invite users from inside your workplace, and so on.


Google has already started the process of retooling Hangouts to make video chats better for business and to turn Hangouts more into a proper video conferencing tool rather than a video chat tool. It has increased HD video support for users from 10 to 30 and integrates with Gmail and Calendar to make creating a Hangout an automatic part of creating a meeting.

Now, Google looks to be upping its game even further with Google Meet, which you can preview at There isn’t any functionality yet, but you’ll note the similarity to solutions like GoToMeeting which allow you to construct meeting invites with multiple users, add meeting codes, and so on. Engadget speculates that Google Assistant will integrate with Meet to schedule meetings and exchange contacts, but it may also be that it will be built into the core functionality of Meet. Engadget also notes that Google recently acquired Lime Audio, a Swedish company that will help it improve call quality on bad connections - more than anything, this is what Google Hangouts needs to succeed.

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