A recent update to Google’s Hangouts Meet has helped to solidify the conferencing platform as an industry leader.  A number of additions have made their way to Hangouts Meet over the past few months, showing that Google is fully dedicated to setting their video conferencing platform apart from the competition.

Now Supporting Up to 50 Participants per Call

The recent update to Hangouts Meet makes the platform one of the largest conferencing apps available to the public – calls including up to 50 participants are now supported by Meet. The massive new feature is currently available for all meetings hosted by G Suite Enterprise users. The update allows users to join from both video and dial-in entry points, allowing users from around the world to collaborate in real time with Enterprise users. Prior to this update, the maximum amount of participants allowed in conference calls through Meet was 30.

Hangouts Meet Seamlessly Integrates with Your Google Calendar

Another recent update to Hangouts Meet expands its integration with Google Calendar, allowing users to get the most out of their conferencing and scheduling apps in one handy location. Hangouts Meet users looking to schedule various conference details in Calendar now have the ability to:

  • Set up separate Calendar events for job interviews in order to further protect the privacy of interviewees and candidates.
  • Create separate events – Book a conference room, invite speakers, and invite other guests separately.
  • Run back-to-back meetings without leaving and rejoining multiple video conferences

Google has simplified the integrations between Hangouts Meet and Calendar by allowing for quick copy and pasting conferences across events, making the lives of your employees a little easier.

A Focus on Better Meeting Experiences

Since its introduction in March, Google has been steadily adding features to the platform, even launching a number of hardware tools with 4K HD features to get the most out of your business meetings. Other recent Hangouts Meet features include the ability to record your meetings and save them directly to your Drive account. This is an incredibly handy feature for participants who may not be able to make the conference call in real time, but wish to catch up at a later time. It’s also useful for those who wish to go back and explore previous calls at their leisure. A dial-in feature has also been made available to a number of markets, allowing users to dial-in internationally and have Hangouts update their listing to a local phone number.

The Ultimate Conferencing Tool

With Google consistently improving the conferencing experience of G Suite Enterprise users, Hangouts Meet is quickly emerging as the best conferencing tool on the market. Available to all Enterprise users, Hangouts Meet boasts the ability to host up to 50 participants per conference, features unparalleled video and call quality, and integrates seamlessly with other G Suite platforms like Calendar.

The emergence of superior conferencing through Hangouts Meet and the platform being included with all Enterprise G Suite licenses gives more than enough reason for businesses to clean house of costly, less effective conferencing tools like GoToMeeting. Hangouts can meet the needs of businesses of any size, being perfect for handling small meeting with secure video chat, but also boasting the ability to handle massive conferences for enterprise-level businesses.

Also available to G Suite users is Google’s more basic Hangouts platform, which can also be an asset for businesses. Using Google Hangouts, employees can still connect one-on-one with each other or with clients, and even hold smaller video and audio conferences within the app. With Hangouts, all employees with access to G Suite and a computer or mobile device can take advantage of Google’s messaging and conferencing platforms, no matter the scope of their needs.

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