Google Password Alert Stops Phishing in its Tracks

by Denise Hazime on June 4, 2015

Phishing is the act of trying to get a user’s information by sending them an email which prompts them to enter user names and passwords in a website that looks like one of their commonly used services. It’s one of the chief security concerns of an organization using cloud computing services of any kind, and of users who have online banking and other services that could result in serious consequences in the event of a successful phishing attack. 2% of the traffic to Gmail consists of phishing attacks, and effective phishing emails succeed in 45% of all attempts. In the past, there was nothing you can do to protect users in your company from phishing attacks, beyond training. Google has changed that with Password Alert, which protects your Google Accounts from phishing attempts.

What is Password Alert?

Google Password

Password Alert is a free extension for your Chrome browser that alerts you if you type in your Google account name and password on a website that isn’t affiliated with Google. In order to make it easy for your users, encourage them to have different passwords for any non-Google service or site that they have to log in to. This not only makes Password Alert more effective and easier to use, but is a security best practice as a hacker can’t use a password they’ve stolen for various sites.

Password Alert for Consumer Accounts

If you are using Password Alert on your free Google account, it remembers a scrambled version of your password and alerts will prompt you to reset your Google password.

Google Password Alert

Password Alert for Google Apps for Work

Password Alert has many features that administrators will love, including the ability to audit password alerts, force password resets, and much more. You’ll be able to see if a phishing attempt is just random and targeting single users, or if it is targeting multiple company accounts. The video below takes you through everything you need to know to set it up. If you are a UpCurve Cloud client, contact us about setting up Password Alert on your domain for you.

You can also download and use the Password Alert Deployment Guide from Google. If you aren’t a UpCurve Cloud client, consider us for any work you need done to integrate Google Apps for Work into your business.

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