Google Refreshes Docs with a Host of New Features

by Denise Hazime on September 10, 2015

Google Docs New Features

Google has given Docs a major overhaul with features that improve collaboration, accessibility and ease the process of editing online.

See New Changes on a File

While you previously could see revision history, you now have the option of seeing the newest changes to a file easily, from the top file menu. This way you can stay on top of new changes without having to open revision history.

Stay on Top of New Changes

Stay on Top of New Changes

Templates Look More Professional

One of Microsoft Word’s boasts over Google Docs was its wide array of easy-to-use document templates. Google has beefed up its templates to make them more attractive, easier to work with and easily accessible from the initial screen for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. While it hasn’t changed, additional templates can be accessed from the Google Docs templates page.

Google Docs Templates

Google Docs Templates

Improvements to Voice Typing

Organizations with accessibility concerns will love the improved voice typing in Google Docs. Simply turn on voice typing from the Google Chrome menu, and you’ll get support for over 40 languages and an easy-to-use interface. You can say “period” and “new line” to add punctuation and line breaks. While it’s still a little clunky with a laptop microphone, it works very well with an external microphone – and makes creating and editing documents on a smartphone much easier. If you’re really into all of the wonky science behind voice transcription, have a look at Google’s page on how it arrived at some of its improvements.

Get Beautiful Data Insights with Google Explore

Now you don’t have to be a chart-creating genius to create stunning data visualizations. Just hit the “Explore” button on the bottom right hand corner of Google Sheets to get beautiful charts, graphs and other visualizations of the existing data on your spreadsheet. Become a reporting superstar in seconds – just select the data that you want turned into pretty pictures, hit the “Explore” button and you’re done.

Google Research: Now in Android App

If you haven’t been using Google Research in your Google Apps on your computer, you may want to start. You don’t have to leave your document to get images, graphs, quotes or other items you’d normally find through Internet research in a separate browser window.

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