Earlier this February, Google made a massive announcement regarding the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) framework project and its role in the future of Google’s popular Gmail platform. Google’s announcement saw the release of AMP for Email, and teased support for Gmail later in 2018. The combination of AMP and Gmail looks to be an exciting prospect for G Suite equipped businesses around the world, giving users quicker access to the contents of their emails and allowing for increased productivity.

AMP and Gmail

The update announced early in February 2018 started with Google declaring their use of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to make mobile pages load faster for users a massive success. Google then announced that AMP would be coming to email through the Gmail Developer Preview in order to create more a engaging and interactive experience. Combining AMP with Gmail has the potential to allow users a whole host of exciting possibilities, making things like scheduling appoints and completing questionnaires and surveys straight from your inbox possible.

The expansion of AMP to Gmail will also allow for real-time automatic updating of emails in order to keep information fresh and up-to-date for all users. Gmail users will soon be able to view, book, and compare hotel rooms through Booking.com, browse and save recipes, decor, quotes, and art on Pinterest, and share meeting availability through Doodle straight through the comfort of their Gmail inbox, allowing users to be more productive and effective from a platform they are comfortable with. It’s clear that as AMP and Gmail spreads to more users, the possibilities for the dynamic partnership will become endless.

Making the Case for G Suite

The announcement of a future AMP-powered Gmail should be an exciting prospect for any organization currently taking advantage of Google’s unified cloud-based productivity suite, as it further expands the ways that team members will be able to increase productivity and effectiveness within the app.

The announced uses for AMP and Gmail are just the tip of the iceberg, as the workplace-related uses are nearly endless. Employees using G Suite will soon be able to RSVP to meetings and events, browse and access previews of web content, and fill out forms without ever having to leave their Gmail inbox – this ensures that they will never miss another email, nor will they have to navigate away from G Suite just to fill out a simple form or view content from external websites – other future possibilities for Gmail include automatic updates for things like weather, traffic, stock prices, and news.

Google’s expansion of AMP technology to their widely used Gmail platform is more confirmation of the company’s confidence in G Suite, and a great sign of things to come for the cloud-based productivity platform. Many businesses have made the switch from outdated legacy solutions to Google’s revolutionary G Suite platform for its many benefits, including unlimited and storage space and data loss prevention for sensitive business data, the ability for employees to work effectively from anywhere and on any device they choose, real time communication and collaboration between users, administrative controls that allow users to share with only those who they wish to collaborate with, and an affordable per user price point.

No matter what sector your business works within or how many team members are employed, G Suite has a wide range of productivity-boosting features that can revolutionize any workplace.

If you want early developer access to this feature, you can sign up for it on Google’s website. Changes will be rolled out in Gmail to everyone in 2018, but Google hasn’t specified exactly when.

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