Google Sheets: Now More Powerful and Available Offline

by Koosha Araghi on December 15, 2013

Google is releasing a major update to Sheets, its web based spreadsheet tool this month. The latest update provides numerous improvements, the biggest being the ability to work offline. Google Sheets has become the standard for many users who are looking at taking advantage of features such as collaboration and having access to your files from any browser or device. One of the key criticisms from organizations looking to completely get away from suites like Microsoft Office has been the inability to work offline. With the latest update, you no longer have to worry about having a steady connection to crunch numbers. You can now make edits to Sheets offline that will automatically update and synchronize to the cloud once your browser detects a connection. Other Apps within Drive such as Docs and Slides have been updated with offline features as well.

Spreadsheets are also no longer limited to 256 columns and 400,000 cells. They can now have up to two million cells with no limitations to the amount of rows or columns. Additionally, the latest updates have made the experience much smoother and snappier, even when dealing with much larger spreadsheets. Searching and filtering through your sheet is now much better through the new filter view. The new view lets you view and analyze data by letting you hide other pieces of data temporarily. This view is personalized and will not disrupt others who may be collaborating with you.  

Setting Up Offline Mode

Take a look at the following instructions to set up offline mode in Chrome. Once completed, you can enable the new version of sheets by going into your Google Drive Settings and checking the following options:


For a full rundown of the latest update, take a look at the Google Drive Blog.

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