Google Single Sign On Made Easier and Better

by Denise Hazime on April 14, 2016


Google Single Sign On is an excellent way to lock down your company’s data security and enforce company-wide policies for access to specific websites and personal email. So, what is it and what exactly does it do? And what is the easiest way to configure it?  

Google Single Sign On - Your Gateway to Everything

Companies are increasingly using cloud software solutions in tandem with Google Apps for Work. This means multiple passwords and, to a security-conscious company, multiple entry points for breaches in data security. Google Single Sign On (SSO) enables you to manage all of your company passwords with your Google Apps sign on, getting you into everything with one click. This means that if you use a service like DropBox, you just need to login with your Google Apps password rather than maintaining a separate password for DropBox and Google Apps.  

UpCurve Cloud Has a Solution to Simplify and Enhance Google SSO

Configuring Google Single Sign On can be a complex task, even for seasoned Google Apps administrators. There are over twenty services that can be accessed with Google SSO as of October 2015, and many more are sure to be added. UpCurve Cloud’s SSO solution gives you one dashboard for Google SSO, and adds extra value with a branded login page for your business and additional layers of security that many companies need in order to stay in compliance with privacy regulations - including HIPAA.  

Bringing Security Policies and SSO Together - Along with a Branded Login Page

Many of the Google SSO products out there solely provide an SSO platform. Our solution builds on this by offering security features in addition to the ability to manage Google SSO from one dashboard. Users are authorized prior to logging into anything, providing an additional layer of security and a branded login page where company messages can be broadcast to team members and your employees have one access point for everything. Once a user is logged in, they are directed to the right area based on their role. A member of the sales team may see a department-wide notice from a sales manager that they must read before continuing, and things like user agreements for new hires can be added in this area as well. Members of different departments can be directed to their most frequently used apps too.

Policy enforcement an additional feature

While policy enforcement can be done from within the Google dashboard, our SSO solution puts it all into the one dashboard. You can force users to change passwords at set intervals, delete historic passwords, and even enforce 2-factor authentication. As with most SSO platforms, ours offers Windows Active Directory integration, allowing for simple import of contacts and a perfect way to marry legacy Microsoft information with a new Google Apps for Work installation. Since Google Apps runs best on Chrome, you can choose to restrict the browser to Chrome, and even only allow certain apps to be accessed from office or designated network locations. Time-of-day access can be restricted to stay in compliance with regulations about working hours, and device restrictions can be added as well. You can also not allow employees to log into anything but their work email once a session has started, and block third-party apps like Amazon, Pinterest and Facebook. While it is possible to perform many of these functions from with Google Apps administrative functions, UpCurve Cloud's solution simplifies the process to a point where someone not very well-versed in IT can manage it. It also adds additional policy restrictions and the branded login page. If you would like to lock down your company’s security policies by extending the capabilities of Google SSO with our Google SSO service, contact us today for more information.

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