Google recently released major updates to Google Slides for G Suite users, expanding its usefulness and making it even easier to build great presentations. The new update boasts several new and improved features that promise to make Google Slides a must-have for business presentations.

Third-Party Add-Ons

One of the biggest revelations of the Google Slides update is the addition of third-party apps and add-ons - the easiest way to expand the usefulness and versatility of Google Slides for businesses. The update comes equipped with seven default add-ons, with others to follow. The seven provided add-ons include:

  • Pear Deck: Allows users to add formative assessments and interactive questions.
  • Unsplash Photos: A library of high definition copyright free and commercial use photography ready to be loaded into your Slides presentation.
  • Adobe Stock: Access a library of millions of high-quality photos and illustrations for use in your presentation.
  • Icons by Noun Project: Over one million icons to help you visually illustrate ideas in your Slides.
  • Shutterstock Editor: Allowing users to edit images and publish them into their Google Slides.
  • Balsamiq Wireframes: Create, edit, and share wireframes with Slides.
  • Lucidchart Diagrams: Add interactive diagrams to communicate data and ideas.

These third-party add-ons are perfect for business presentations, as they allow creators to express their messages and ideas to clients and fellow coworkers through the use of HD photography and diagrams. Slides users can import millions of photos, icons, charts, and diagrams into their presentations seamlessly, allowing for more visually dynamic slideshows.

Integration With Google Keep

Slides has been officially made compatible with Keep, Google’s note-taking app. The new integration features easy-to-use drag-and-drop navigation, allowing you to quickly transfer your notes straight to your Slides presentation. Your presentation will automatically auto-populate with your Keep notes, adding the title of the slide and adjusting slide content. This feature is incredibly useful for anybody taking notes during meetings or on the go, allowing you to instantly drop Keep notes into your presentation rather than having to waste time doing so manually. Slides will also break up bulleted lists from Google Keep, separating them into columns - making the whole process less time-consuming than ever before. The integration with Keep comes nearly six months after Google made the note-taking app compatible with Docs.

Increased Customization and More Visuals

Another improvement to Google Slides is the ability to insert visualizations and diagrams into your presentation, as well as a gridview that is helpful for organizing the layout of your slideshow. Also implemented is the ability to skip slides during presentations, allowing presenters to move past slides that may have been talked about in discussion, or have been made irrelevant or unimportant in the context of a workplace presentation.

Link and Sync Your Slides

The final major addition to Google Slides is the implementation of linked slides, a tool that allows users to synchronize slides from different presentations - when one slide is updated, the rest are too. This feature is practical for those wishing to reuse slides from older presentations, or wishing to implement individual slides into various presentations simultaneously. Normally this process would require constant upkeep across several presentations, but the new update ensures that changes are carried over across all Slides projects. This addition is perfect for businesses looking to easily and seamlessly present similar information to several different clients.

This recent update to Google Slides has made it the perfect tool for presenting information to clients and coworkers in an organized, stylish manner. The updates increased Slides’ ease of use, allowing users to create terrific presentations in just a matter of minutes.

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