Is Google For Work Unlimited Right for Your Business?

by Denise Hazime on August 18, 2016

Is Google For Work Unlimited Right for your Business?  

With so many companies moving to cloud-based solutions for their businesses, Google for Work is almost a no-brainer in terms of its convenience, affordability over legacy software solutions, and the improvements it can make in your business by streamlining teamwork and collaboration. It uses apps that your employees are already familiar with and is available in both a Basic and Unlimited version. This means Google for Work is completely scalable, allowing you to customize your solution based on your company’s size and needs. If your business is concerned with compliance, uses a large amount of data for files and emails, or simply wants the best option available, Google for Work Unlimited is worth considering. Plus, if you aren’t ready to upgrade yet, you can get upgraded services for specific users if you require them.  

Google For Work - Basic plan

  For only $5.00 per month per user, the basic edition of Google for Work provides the following and more:  

  • Business email addresses ( allowing you to retain your current domain name. Group email aliases ( are even included free and don't count as extra users
  • Video and voice calls with Google Hangouts
  • Integrated online calendars with Google Calendar
  • 30GB of total online storage for Google Drive & Gmail, per user
  • Online text documents, spreadsheets and slides (with Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides)
  • Full security and admin controls
  • Phone and email support

Google For Work Unlimited

  Google for Work Unlimited is the premium business edition of Google for Work. For $10 per user per month, it includes everything in Google for Work plus:  

  • Unlimited file storage (1TB per user if fewer than 5 users on account)
  • Advanced administrative controls for Google Drive
  • Audit and reporting insights for Google Drive content and sharing
  • Google Vault for eDiscovery of all emails, chats, documents and files. You can even track user activity within Google Vault. Auditing allows you see searches, message views, exports and more.
  • Archiving of all emails
  • Ability to set message retention policies
  • Ability to place and enforce litigation holds on Gmail inboxes

Google Vault - A Must for Compliance-Conscious Businesses

Easily the best feature included in Google for Work Unlimited is Google Vault, part of the suite of Google Apps. Google Vault lets you keep, archive, search, and export your company’s email and chat messages. You can even search and export files. Like the rest of Google for Work, Google Vault is entirely web-based. It can be used when you need place to a hold on a user account for legal or human resources reasons, and this is fully customizable. You can hold all content in a user's account, or target specific content by dates and search terms.  

Upgrade on a User-by-User Basis if Needed

Google Vault is included with Google Apps Unlimited but if you aren’t ready to upgrade your entire organization you can buy Google For Work Unlimited licenses for specific users for an additional $5 per user per month. This is a perfect solution for users who require additional storage and/or Google Vault. If you are trying to decide between the two plans, ask yourself how much data you use and if you need full transparency into your company’s online activity, including emails. If your business is required to meet specific privacy regulations, is involved in the legal field, or trades in sensitive personal or business data, Google for Work Unlimited is the right choice. Contact UpCurve Cloud today about upgrading to Google for Work Unlimited, and we’ll help you to decide if it meets your business needs

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