On October 6th, 2020, Google officially announced to the world that G Suite is now Google Workspace. Everything we know about the world has changed in ways previously thought impossible. Google Workspace addresses the unique challenges presented by workplaces being rapidly digitized, offering a way for you and your employees to establish and maintain human connections and succeed in an increasingly distributed digital world.

Google’s global infrastructure continues to go above and beyond

For decades, Google has been a premier provider of cloud-based workplace solutions, amassing an active user base of more than 2.6 billion users each month. Google’s products continue to be easy to learn and use daily, and the company’s ability to anticipate and react to user needs is second to none.

The global infrastructure established by Google allows employees to work productively no matter where they’re reporting from. Employees in the office can seamlessly interact with and collaborate amongst their remote colleagues, all thanks to Google’s cloud-based infrastructure. For years, G Suite stood far above its competition thanks to its consistent quality and unparalleled reliability. Now, Workspace looks to take up the mantle and continue Google’s legacy of excellence. But don’t panic! This is not going to affect how you run your business or day-to-day operations - the introduction of Google Workspace is only going to make your experience better. 

How Google Workspace will help your business get more done

In these rapidly changing times, businesses need to be able to trust that the solutions they use will continue to evolve and adapt alongside them. Google Workspace is addressing this head-on by enabling an office productivity suite that lets you and your team get more done both at work and at home. Using Google Workspace, employees can instantly feel connected no matter where they’re working from, sharing bold new ideas, brainstorming, planning upcoming projects, collaborating on group work, and even sharing their unique interests to help build a stronger, more unified workforce.

Google Workspace continues to offer the same satisfying ease-of-use, enterprise-level security, and built-in privacy controls that made G Suite awesome, all powered by the most impressive cloud infrastructure in the industry. It’s designed to offer unlimited flexibility and fast collaboration, when, where, and however you need it. Google Workspace lets your team focus on what’s most important, with Google handling the rest behind the scenes to offer you powerful AI and search technology that lets you work smarter than ever before. Finally, your team will be able to use their integrated workspace without having to climb learning curves, giving you more time to do what you do best. The best part? Google will soon be announcing exciting new developments that are sure to enhance your experience with Workspace and redefine the way you work.

“We’re proud to launch Google Workspace and to deliver a cloud-native experience to help teams around the world work and collaborate,” said Carolee Gearhart, Global Channel Chief at Google Cloud. “The way the people work has changed, and we look forward to working with our partners like UpCurve to help organizations transform teams’ productivity and collaboration with Google Workspace.”

How UpCurve Cloud is helping businesses transform

UpCurve Cloud stands ready to help businesses adapt to the rapidly changing world, allowing you to directly address challenges and seize opportunities when they’re presented. With Google Workspace, your entire workforce is well-prepared to overcome these new challenges to work productively and reliably from anywhere, on any device they wish to use. The moment you access Workspace, you’ll find that everything works exactly the way you want it to. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve worked with businesses to consolidate their tech spend and focus on what they need to thrive, even in times of uncertainty.

UpCurve Cloud is a Google Cloud Premier Partner ready to work with you to help audit your spend and save you money on unnecessary third-party tools that are already natively built into Google Workspace. Our experienced team of Google experts is well-prepared to help your business make the best of a bad time by implementing intelligent cloud-based solutions like Google Workspace so you can continue to enjoy seamless collaboration and communication from anywhere, anytime, on any device. For more information on how UpCurve Cloud can implement and integrate tools like Google Workspace in your business, contact us today.