The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown everything into disarray for businesses, leading to sudden shifts to remote work and forcing businesses to consider how effective their cybersecurity strategy really is. And they really need to - hacking has been on the rise since the start of the pandemic, and businesses in all sectors, but particularly in healthcare, have seen a meteoric rise in cyber incursions. 

With many employees now working from the safety of their homes, IT departments everywhere are faced with the monumental task of ensuring critical data is secure at all times without limiting employee access or reducing productivity. Since many organizations launched work from home models rapidly and without long term intentions, the risk of major cybersecurity threats has drastically increased.

Locking down your cloud-based business tools to keep data private is more important now than ever before - those who choose to ignore the threats could face massive financial and reputational penalties that could potentially ruin your business. Thankfully, Google, an industry leader in cybersecurity, has made these threats a primary focus with the introduction of Google Workspace, its groundbreaking cloud office suite.

How Google Workspace keeps your data secure

Google Workspace, formerly G Suite, is Google's popular cloud-based office suite, offering users a whole host of productivity apps including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Meet, among others. While the office suite has been universally praised for its ability to seamlessly connect employees at home or in the office and enhance collaboration, its security-first mindset deserves equal attention. 

For years, Google has been the industry's leader in building cloud security infrastructure, applying unparalleled levels of security to every single one of its apps to keep your business data secure and away from prying eyes.

With Google Workspace, admins can control everything through the Admin console. The Admin console offers enterprise-level security to businesses, allowing you to enforce 2-step authorization, monitor suspicious logins, enable single sign-on for cloud apps, and detect and deter cybersecurity attacks before they can pose a threat to your business.

Security insights allow your teams to make more informed decisions about data protection - one of the most significant ways is through the recent implementation of Gmail audit logs. Audit logs let you gain complete visibility into which employees are sharing data with users outside of your organization or potentially violating company policies, allowing you to better control the flow of information in and out of your business and determine when and where data policies must be put into place, or which ones just aren't working as intended.

Not only is your data kept more secure through Google Workspace, but your employees are, too. Workspace allows you to detect when employees are being abused through Google's communication apps. Your admins can investigate reports of abuse towards Workspace users, gaining access to audit logs after employees report abuse in apps like Google Meet and Chat, and helping you create a safer workplace culture.

Your business deserves a trusted Google Partner

In order to ensure that your cybersecurity strategy is well-optimized and that your business is prepared for the threat of cybersecurity attacks, you need to enlist the services of an experienced Google Partner. Only a Google certified security engineer has the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively evaluate every aspect of your cybersecurity strategy, from your Google Workspace Admin controls to points of access and everything in between. 

Without an audit from a trusted Google Partner, you risk missing out on critical blind spots that leave your business open to cyberattacks, data theft, and data loss. These events can have devastating implications on the future of your business, forever altering the way people view your brand and eroding the trust and legitimacy you've undoubtedly worked hard to build over many years.

To maintain your customers' trust and retain your reputation as a responsible brand, your business should enlist the help of a trusted Google Partner like UpCurve Cloud. As Google's very first Partner and one of its current Google Premier Partners, we understand Google's cloud infrastructure in ways that other companies simply can't. Our experienced team of Google certified security engineers know exactly what to look for when auditing your organizations' cybersecurity infrastructure, ensuring that even the most minute holes are sealed to keep your data safe and secure at all times.

Our engineers will ensure that you're adequately prepared to face future cybersecurity threats and that your business consistently meets regulatory compliance guidelines. Even after your audit, our experts will continue to follow up with you to ensure that your security solutions continue to thrive.

To find out more about how UpCurve Cloud can ensure that your business is safe from cybersecurity threats, get in touch with us today.

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