Google’s New App Maker Enables Business with Simple App Development

by Denise Hazime on December 8, 2016


G Suite’s strength has always been not just in offering a suite of cloud-based office-software, but all the innovation and collaboration that naturally falls in with using Google products. Some of these benefits include real-time editing of files, secure storage with Google Drive, and airtight secure email for your business with Gmail. Google has upped its game again by rolling out a product that will help businesses create simple online apps of their own with minimal or no coding knowledge: App Maker. What would you use it for? The example in the video below shows how it was used to replace a paper form with an online form and secure submission system for the state of Wyoming, which eliminated the need to have over 10,000 paper forms entered by hand.

Build Apps Easily with Drag-and-Drop Editor

Once you’ve decided what you want your app to do, building it is simple with a drag-and-drop editor, where you select the actions you want it to perform rather than coding those actions. You can take advantage of Google’s rich data libraries and built-in support for Maps, Contacts and all of the other products you use every day with G Suite.

App Maker Works with G Suite for Easy Deployment

With other apps, you need to have servers, provisioning and administration all in place to actively deploy your app once it’s built. There is no such requirement for App Maker, since its back end runs on all the tools used to run your G Suite applications. Just create it and run it - no additional legwork is required to get from Point A to Point B.

Find Apps Recommended for G Suite

The app you are looking to build may already be out there. Google has started the “Recommended for G Suite” program, which gives third-party apps that work and play well with G Suite its seal of approval. Zoho Invoice, an app UpCurve Cloud has been supporting and recommending for some time, is included in this program.

Join Early Adopter Program to Try Out App Maker

If you want to try out App Maker to build custom applications for your business, you can do so through the Early Adopter Program for G Suite Business customers here. If you are unsure if you are a G Suite Business customer, or would like to become one, contact UpCurve Cloud today. We also offer Zoho Creator, which is a similar program to help businesses create simple apps - and it is available today.

Start a Google G Suite Trial

With your Google G Suite account, you’ll have access to email, video conferences, online storage, and other business tools. With UpCurve Cloud you get personalized and prompt service from a Google certified sales engineer, during your 2 week trial at no additional cost.

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