Google’s Revolutionary Inbox Gmail App Now Available for Google Apps for Work

by Denise Hazime on June 11, 2015

At the end of May 2015, Google opened up use of its Inbox app for Gmail to all users, except for educational and government organizations. Prior to this announcement, it was only available by invitation. This is big news for any business who has employees using Gmail on the go, as Inbox is focused on productivity and mobility.

Why Google Inbox Is so Incredible for Business

Over 75% of Gmail’s huge user base is mobile. To account for this, Google created a purpose-built application with Inbox that makes working with emails on the go much easier. You can preview photos that are in an email without opening it, see details of a reservation as soon as you make it, and have similar messages grouped together so you can get rid of offers and promotions with one swipe. It’s essentially Google’s own giant productivity hack for Gmail. And business users need productivity hacks – most of your day is spent dealing with email. Highlights show you the important parts about an email in the email preview, so you can see when items are expected to ship, due dates, photos and more without opening the email.

It also allows you to create reminders for items on your to-do list and snooze them until a particular time. This functionality gives you the ability to integrate your reminders with your emails so you know what to do and when. You can also use Inbox on your computer as an app if you prefer it to Gmail’s webmail interface. After using it for a few minutes, you may just find yourself making the switch. You can use the “Undo send” feature to recall messages within seconds of sending them, as well as add a customizable signature just as you can with Gmail. The great thing about the tool is that you don’t have to use one or the other. Any change you make in Inbox or Gmail will automatically sync to the other service. So you can use Inbox on the go and Gmail on your computer without missing any important emails.

Trip Bundles Useful for the Business Traveler

If you’re frequently on the go for work, the Trips tab bundles all of your emails about your trip under one tab so you can just open one thing to look at your hotel reservations, flight details, meeting details and much more. While searching through your old Gmail app doesn’t seem like a big deal, this grouping makes life easier when you are frantically trying to make the gate for your next flight.

Enabling Inbox for Google Apps for Work

To enable Inbox for all of your Google Apps for Work users, you need to enable it from the Google Admin console. Here are step-by-step instructions from Google. Once you’ve enabled it, your users will have access to Inbox on their computers and mobile devices for their work accounts.

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