Google recently announced a unique new strategic partnership with Salesforce. Google has stated that the partnership will bring the power of Cloud to businesses all over the world, allowing for a more unified workplace experience. This partnership is the first of its kind, and will leverage a variety of apps and solutions by connecting sales, marketing and advertising with the different platforms.

A Unique Strategic Partnership

The new partnership between Google and Salesforce will help organizations deliver greater business outcomes by giving small businesses access to enterprise-level resources that will help to unify their workplace. Part of the agreement will see existing Salesforce users get the opportunity to use G Suite free for a full year.

Businesses will now be able to harness the power of Google’s Cloud Platform and G Suite with Salesforce’s superior Customer Relationship Management suite - allowing users to view and edit customer information from Salesforce through G Suite’s widely used Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Calendars, and Hangouts apps. Integration with Google Analytics will give customers further insights into client behavior and allow them to increase engagement.

What Customers Can Expect From the Partnership

Some of these new integrated tools available for use through the new agreement include:

  • Salesforce Lightning for Gmail - Users can view relevant Salesforce customer data through Gmail, and view past customer Gmail interactions in Salesforce in order to bring the services together. The tool will help recognize items of high priority and recommend next steps based on relevant content.
  • Salesforce Lightning for Google Sheets - Sheets can now be embedded anywhere in Salesforce, giving easy access to content with a single click in Salesforce’s Records or Reports tabs.
  • Quip Live Apps for Google Drive - Quip Live Apps will now be fully integrated with Google Drive and Calendar, letting users collaborate and make information easily accessible through the cloud environment. Drive files from Docs, Slides, and Sheets can be embedded within Quip and make it accessible from anywhere.
  • Salesforce for Hangouts Meet - Users will be able to identify relevant customer details and histories from Salesforce within Hangouts Meet. Insights into customer conversations will allow users to better understand and improve customer service and relationships.

Integration With Prodoscore Shows You What Employees are Doing

Users of the new strategic partnership between Google and Salesforce can also combine the power of those solutions with Prodoscore’s unique and fully integrated workplace productivity suite. Prodoscore measures employee productivity through apps like Salesforce CRM and GSuite, and assigns productivity scores throughout the workplace to identify areas of improvement, gain insights into their workplace, and improve overall productivity.

Everything You Need in One Package With UpCurve Cloud

UpCurve Cloud, a Google Premier Partner, is the first Google reseller offering this exciting bundle of Google’s Cloud Platform and G Suite apps complete with Salesforce CRM and Prodoscore. UpCurve Cloud knows that the future of cloud services is going to be competitive, but is ready to differentiate itself by offering a truly unique and convenient package that will help companies take full advantage of cloud services, and by giving customers reliable and responsive one-stop support on all fronts - Salesforce, Google Cloud services and G Suite, and Prodoscore.

Google and Salesforce hope that the new partnership between the two entities helps companies harness the power of the cloud and provide an unmatched experience for customers. Integrations between the two are currently available to customers, with more being rolled out throughout 2018. And with UpCurve Cloud, you have one company you can call for support for all of the solutions.

To find out more about UpCurve Cloud’s Enterprise cloud stack and what it can do for your business, contact us today.