Hire One Company to Manage Google Apps and Zoho

by Denise Hazime on May 14, 2015

Google Apps gives you the tools you need to keep your business productive and agile. Zoho enables your company with a future-ready customer relationship management (CRM) tool that won’t break your bottom line, while still offering all of the features of more expensive solutions. With Zoho’s Google Apps and Google AdWords integration, you can access all of your communications with one customer through their file, track the ROI of your Google AdWords campaigns, and much more.

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To take full advantage of the power of a combined Zoho and Google Apps solution, you want to hire a company that specializes in both to ensure that you unlock the full potential of integrating the two solutions. UpCurve Cloud  specializes in both Google Apps and Zoho, and if you want Salesforce CRM integration instead, we do that too.

Zoho – Project Management and CRM in One Package

Most businesses, large and small, juggle multiple projects and clients. Zoho gives you a way to organize client information, projects, preferences and contacts in one place – effectively doubling as a project management tool along with its core CRM functionality. Add in Google Apps integration, and you can keep all client and project files in one, easy-to-find place in the cloud accessible from anywhere you are. Simply call up your client’s file, then add a project tied to that client. From there, upload graphics, import Google Docs, and access all Gmail related to that project from one place.

For example, if your job process begins with an estimate, you can upload pictures, plans and documents related to that estimate to the file. Once the customer converts to a sale, you can turn that estimate into a project and feed it out to your team to work on aspects of the job from one tool. Track completion of tasks and have all the information you need to generate a final invoice once the project is complete. Zoho even has the ability to capture leads and track user behavior on your website, which is huge if your website is a primary point of contact for your clients.


The easy-to-access projects view in Zoho

Zoho and Google Apps Also Work with Microsoft Office

While Google Docs and Sheets are just as good as Microsoft Office for most functions, many companies choose to keep Microsoft Office. Zoho has plugins for both Microsoft Word and Excel, allowing you to add documents to Zoho directly from both programs. Google Docs and Sheets will also allow you to import documents and spreadsheets created in MS Office and work with them collaboratively in the cloud.

Zoho and Google Apps – Better Together

While Zoho allows you to do amazing things like measure results of your Google AdWords campaigns in granular detail over and above the reports that AdWords gives you, its greatest value in integration is working with your Gmail to track customer communications. Zoho allows you to install Gadgets in your Gmail which allow you to create leads, tasks and more in Zoho directly from Gmail, meaning you never have to leave Gmail to add a client to your CRM system – just click and they are there. This removes one of the huge pain points of dealing with a CRM system – having to operate in two separate windows.

Sync Google mail with Zoho

This is the same with the rest of your Google Apps – just click your Zoho gadget, and your file can be directly imported into Zoho and linked to your client’s account without having to open Zoho. There is no disputing that Zoho and Google Apps are a powerful combination, and we’ve just skimmed the surface of what they can do together. But there is a bit of setup involved in getting them to talk to each other correctly and to unlock the full potential of both solutions. UpCurve Cloud has done this for many of our clients and we can do it for your business. Contact us today to find out how.      

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