Hosted VoIP Integration with Salesforce and Vonage Business

by Denise Hazime on February 25, 2016

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If you’ve been on the fence about switching your business phone systems from traditional lines to hosted VoIP and you use Salesforce for your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Vonage Business’ integration with Salesforce may just knock you off the fence. Salesforce, or as the company officially refers to itself, is one of the more popular CRM systems in use by businesses. Imagine how much more powerful it will become if you can log every call made from and to your business by clients. You’ll be able to see how much certain clients call, how many calls sales agents are making, how many support and sales calls come in from one client, and much more.

Vonage Business Integrates with Salesforce

Vonage Business is already heads and shoulders above the legions of other hosted VoIP providers by delivering exceptional call quality and after-the-sale service and support. But where it really differentiates itself is by allowing integration with everyday business software such as Salesforce.

So What Happens When a Call Comes In?

When a call comes in from Vonage Business, you’ll see this notification on your computer:

Incoming Call

You then save the call to the appropriate client account in Salesforce with any appropriate notes. If there is no client record, you’ll have the option of creating one from the call notification. This is a great way of ensuring that no qualified leads slip through the cracks - new queries can easily be assigned to territory managers and different sales reps from within Salesforce, reducing churn and giving sales managers excellent insight into what is going on with each rep. Vonage Business also offers excellent call reporting capabilities on its own, allowing management to log in and see how much time each employee spent on the phone, which numbers they called, and other valuable data.

What are the Costs and Prerequisites?

To enable the Salesforce functionality on your Vonage Business account, there is a small charge of 2.99 per extension for the plugin. You can save money by only paying for the employees who are actually going to use it, such as your sales department and general reception. To add it to your account, you need to have Vonage Business Professional with the Web API plugin, or be subscribed to the Service Cloud Professional, Enterprise, or Performance editions. If you want to install it yourself, see the video below for instructions.

If you are an UpCurve Cloud client, or would like to become one, we can not only make sure that Vonage Business works with Salesforce, but many other common business software solutions, including Google Apps for Work. Imagine just being able to click a number in Gmail and make a call, and have both your emails and phone calls automatically logged in Salesforce directly to a client’s record. We can do that. Contact us today to find out how.

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