Hosted VoIP Integration with Zoho CRM: Log Calls and More

by Denise Hazime on February 11, 2016

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One of the biggest reasons businesses purchase Zoho CRM over any other Customer Relationship Management software solution is its ability to integrate with almost anything. If it isn’t listed as an out-of-the-box integration, UpCurve Cloud has a team on staff that can usually make it integrate with your business solutions so that everything in your business works together instead of in independent silos.

The thing that sales and customer support managers get most excited about is integrating Zoho CRM with business phone systems. Ideally, every call is logged in each customer’s record so you know the date of the call, its duration and, if the agent or sales rep makes notes, the content of the call. Hosted VOiP integration with Zoho CRM ensures that both systems can talk to each other and automatically save call records and logs.

This can save sales managers the task of checking to see if a particular prospect was called - instead of tying up a rep’s time by calling them and asking them if they contacted them, they only have to bring up the prospect’s record to see who called them and when. This also helps in customer support cases - if a client is contacting your business using multiple channels, you can reduce the duplication of efforts by seeing if someone has gotten back in touch with them yet just by pulling up their record. The level of transparency you get by tying your business phone systems and your CRM suite together improves efficiency at every level of your business.

What Business Phone Systems does Zoho CRM Integrate with?

Zoho CRM Integrations

Out of the box, Zoho CRM integrates with Vonage Business through integration with gUnify, RingCentral, Promero, Twilio, and a number of other telephony solutions. To see all native integrations, visit this page and scroll down to the “Telephony” section. As we’ve already mentioned, UpCurve Cloud may be able to integrate your existing business phone system with Zoho CRM, even if it isn’t on this list, with custom integrations.

Zoho CRM + gUnify with Vonage Business - Better Call Quality and Mobile

Out of all of the telephony integrations available, our favored solution is gUnify, offered through Vonage Business. gUnify is one of the only solutions that allows for a truly mobile sales force, with call logging available in Zoho CRM through mobile phones, desk phones, and online through a computer. Vonage guarantees call quality by analyzing what your company’s Internet connection and usage looks like and tailoring your solution so that your business experiences optimal call quality. This is called “load balancing”. Other Internet telephony solutions simply offer one pipeline and don’t practice load balancing to ensure that it works correctly for the best call quality.

Zoho CRM + gUnify with Vonage Business

When integrated with Zoho CRM, Vonage Business ensures that calls can be logged to Zoho no matter where they are made from - if the Vonage Business app is used on the road by your sales personnel, that call will be logged to the customer’s record as long as it is made to their main phone number on file in Zoho CRM.

Contact us today to find out more about how UpCurve Cloud can get your phone and Zoho CRM working together for a more efficient and transparent business.

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