Google Vault is one of the most valuable G Suite apps that you probably don’t use. It allows you to easily archive and timestamp important business data and files. Many businesses wrongfully believe that Vault is only useful for law firms. The truth is that businesses of all kinds can benefit from being able to securely archive data. This is extremely useful for ensuring that your business is always ready for legal matters or to settle internal company situations. e-Discovery is a multi-billion dollar industry, becoming more prominent as businesses around the world embrace digital solutions. If your business hasn’t yet embraced the power of Google Vault, here’s everything you need to know.

What Google Vault can do for your business

Despite what some believe, Google Vault isn’t a backup tool, but rather a tool designed for data archiving. Vault allows businesses to easily retain and hold important data so that your business is prepared in the event of a legal case. All company data can be retained until a set retention date passes, or placed on legal hold to ensure that it isn’t deleted by users within your G Suite environment. The data retained and held can be searched to find email conversations, documents, and chat conversations, which can be exported for submission to lawyers for auditing.

Using Google Vault, businesses can manage data from a number of G Suite apps, including conversations from Gmail, Google Drive files including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings and non-Google files uploaded to Drive, as well as Google Groups, Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meet, and classic Hangouts. Data retention can also include Shared Drives when enabled by an admin. In order to retain DMs from Hangouts Chat, admins must first ensure that history has been turned on for this app.

How Vault can save your business money

The versatility of Google Vault can be a lifesaver in situations where your business is involved in a lawsuit, or you’re looking to settle a legal case or internal dispute. Having the ability to search through an archive of company files, messages, and chat conversations can serve as invaluable evidence in these situations and can shorten the length of complex legal disputes. 

Rather than run the very real risk of having data accidentally (or intentionally) deleted by users in your organization, Vault gives your company the ability to place important files on a legal hold indefinitely. This means that preserving every document, message, and conversation with specific clients or contracts is easier than ever before.

Vault offers your company instant access to an accurate catalog of files, allowing your business to save thousands of dollars on e-Discovery by simplifying the process and allowing you to pull up data and information at the touch of a button. Rather than hiring a full legal team to manually search for documents and files relating to a case, Vault allows you to pull them up almost instantaneously. 

Aside from saving your business money on legal bills, Google Vault also offers peace of mind, allowing admins to preserve important data indefinitely without the risk of ever losing it. With Google Vault on your side, you’re guaranteeing that your business and its employees stay covered, even if the worst happens.

Google Vault is only available to G Suite Business and Enterprise users. UpCurve Cloud is a proud Premier Partner of Google Cloud. Our experienced team has successfully implemented G Suite Business and Enterprise editions in businesses all around the world, integrating it with other world-class business solutions to ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve. To find out more about how the team at UpCurve Cloud can seamlessly implement and integrate cloud-based solutions like G Suite into your workplace, contact us today.

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