How is Google Slides Better than PowerPoint for Presentations?

by Denise Hazime on June 25, 2015

Google Slides offers an exciting choice over PowerPoint for those who want to collaboratively build a presentation that will intrigue and engage an audience. The Google Slides app for iOS and Android has recently added support for Chromecast and AirPlay, allowing you to control and present your slides right from your phone or tablet. No fiddling with a projector or being an ad hoc A/V technician to start your presentation – just show up looking good and stay that way.

Collaboration and Accuracy Key to Superiority of Google Slides over PowerPoint

Let’s face it, most presentations are created on the go and in a rush on the way to a trade show, conference, or client meeting. To do it effectively, you need the real-time collaboration and features of Google Slides. Working with emailed PowerPoint files is a little 1996 for the 21st century business person.

Several different colleagues can access and modify a Google Slides presentation as it is being created, with changes being saved as they type. You can use the Revision History tool to see old versions of the same presentation, who made the change and when they made it. Working offline is possible, no matter where you are. All you have to do is enable offline editing and you can work on your presentation wherever you are – all your changes will be saved to the cloud as soon as you go back online.

If you choose to share a presentation with colleagues, they’ll automatically be able to access it by either going to the Google Slides app on their phone or accessing the “Slides” menu from within on their computer. No need to email files back and forth, a move that could lead to the wrong version of a presentation being edited. You can even view edits that are being made if you have the presentation open – which is very helpful if you are working on a last-minute presentation.

Don’t Leave Slides to do Internet Research

Google Slides allows you to search information from the Internet right from your slide. Just click the Tools menu and choose Research or right click on any word on your slide to conduct relevant research.

Choosing Themes for Google Slides

How to Transition Your Company from PowerPoint to Google Slides

You can import any PowerPoint presentation into Slides and keep all of your comments and other assets. Many organizations and workers have PowerPoint presentations built that they use as templates for presentations, so this will help you get started. After your PowerPoint presentation has been imported, you’ll be able to see who has worked on it, when, and revert to previous versions if needed.

Google Slides does pretty much everything that PowerPoint does – the only hurdle is getting your users to actually use it. Its intuitive design means that they’ll find all of the tools they’re used to working with very quickly. Once they start working with its collaborative features, they’ll never go back.

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