Concerns about privacy, security, and regulatory compliance have held back healthcare organizations from adopting cloud technology, especially compared to other industries that have already made a seamless transition. These worries have held healthcare providers back, stopping too many from being able to transform the way they do business and modernize their operations. 

Cloud technology presents a bevy of opportunities for healthcare providers, allowing for easier access to patient records in emergency situations, and enabling health care teams to collaborate from different locations - all without worries about security, privacy, or compliance.

Modern cloud technology for healthcare providers

G Suite, Google’s advanced cloud-based productivity suite, and solutions like Virtru offer a solution to the worries faced by healthcare providers. G Suite allows organizations to cut down on paperwork by providing an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that allows team members to securely work from any device, even when treating a patient. G Suite seamlessly integrates with other solutions, including accounting software and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, ensuring that every department stays in the loop.

G Suite’s unique Admin Console is an effective way to detect and prevent internal and external data leaks, phishing scams, and malware attacks. The enterprise-level security console also allows admins to lock compromised accounts and enforce password strength guidelines and 2-Step Verification (2SV). Google’s security console also allows for audit trails as required by healthcare regulations, further ensuring compliance.

When G Suite is combined with solutions like Virtru and Single Sign-On (SSO), healthcare organizations gain access to a modern set of solutions. Virtru allows providers to encrypt files and emails, ensuring HIPAA compliance, and SSO uses a trusted third-party to validate and authenticate users, further securing Personal Health Information (PHI) and regulatory compliance and offering users a less fragmented experience. With a cloud technology that protects PHI and ensures compliance, healthcare providers around the country can seamlessly move away from outdated legacy technology that only serves to slow growth.

HIPAA compliant email and file encryption

Virtru offers complete peace of mind for healthcare providers, allowing your entire team to send and receive HIPAA-compliant emails from Gmail. With just one click, Virtru ensures that emails have end-to-end encryption, protecting PHI and medical records. It also allows for advanced control over emails, letting senders revoke and expire email access, even after they’ve been opened. Virtru also lets you disable forwarding, and automatically applies watermarks to attachments featuring confidential information. Auditing is made easy with Virtru, which offers access to granular audit trails so that you can see where PHI has been shared or revoke access to it. Virtru also offers encrypted access to files stored in Google Drive, giving your organization an extra layer of security for sensitive files, and ensuring that regulatory requirements are met.

Enable secure access and collaboration from anywhere

G Suite’s collection of advanced cloud applications is the perfect way to unify your entire team, allowing staff members to work together on documents in real-time, no matter where they’re working from or what device they prefer to use. Real-time collaboration saves time, unifies and strengthens your workforce, and keeps staff members on the same page. 

Collaboration is a proven way to improve productivity and effectiveness in the workplace, allowing teams to share knowledge and ingenuity in ways that were never previously possible. G Suite can also be configured for HIPAA compliance by Google Premier Partners like UpCurve Cloud, allowing your organization to keep patient records secure at all times without worrying about data infiltration or compliance issues.

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