How to Automatically Convert Emails to PDFs and Store Them on Google Drive

by Denise Hazime on March 12, 2015


One of the hidden secrets of working with Google Apps for Work is that you can create workflow scripts that can automate specific tasks. UpCurve Cloud recently developed a script that can automatically convert emails to PDFs and store them on Google Drive if the emails fit within a certain criteria.

Easily Share Communications Across Your Organization

While everyone in the organization may have access to files in a folder on Google Drive, everyone doesn’t have access to everyone else’s email – and this isn’t something you want to grant from a security standpoint either. In our example in the video, a law firm has a workflow script programmed to store emails with a particular subject line in their own folder on Google Drive. That way, if a clerk needs access to communications, the lawyer on the case doesn’t need to forward an email; the clerk can just log in to the relevant folder on Google Drive and grab it. Our client can change the script to create different folders based on certain subjects; the only thing employees need to remember to do is to use a specific subject line when crafting emails to clients whose email records are being stored.

Making Your Workflow Easier

Think about how much simpler life would be if you could just open a folder in Google Drive and see all communications with a specific client. This would also keep your inbox from getting cluttered up with email forwards. Plus, you can access Google Drive from anywhere, either outside a courtroom or at a job site.

Integration With Clio

Our workflow script also automatically integrates with Clio, case management software in widespread use by many law firms. It will automatically save the same PDFs it is copying to Google Drive to the appropriate case file within Clio. It isn’t just law firms that can benefit from this powerful script. Contact us today to find out how we can integrate it – or any other workflow scripts you want - with your Google Apps for Work suite! 

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